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13 November 2007

To Tank or Not to Tank?

I am torn on the final bit to be added (or perhaps not) to the ASA Mk. II. The old girl is kitted up with a bit of a torch, you know, the better to fling fiery death upon Her Majesty's enemies. Serves the blackguards right, you ask me.

At any point, the final question is whether or not to mount external fuel tanks on the weapon itself. In a suitable fiery red enamel, and bronze fittings - no sparks, you know. That might set things off prematurely, don't you know old boy!

I could simply leave the old girl the way she is, sans tanks, of course. But I have the bits just sitting there... Oh dilemma! The travails of Odysseus when confronted with Scylla and Charybdis spring to mind! Oh, the blessings of an Eton education, to bring up a classical reference at the most useless of times.


Don M said...

A bit of flame will do you in
most cases but nothing dislodges
a horde of Pathans quite like a Gatling old boy...)

Paul O'G said...

I've never found a classical reference to be useless old Boy!

Yours in a white wine sauce!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Ahh, well, perhaps 'useless' was a bit strong.

How does 'less than completely necessary or helpful' seem in place of 'useless'?

Now, where's that bottle?