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27 October 2013

The Huns Field a Tank!

   Although British science and engineering admit no peers, it seems that the German Empire has finally fielded their first armoured vehicle. A crude design, naturally, but it might frighten the natives, or perhaps an unsteady Frenchman. Reportedly rather uncomfortable inside (hot and noisy), it does sport a rather effective Krupps gun and thick riveted plates of armour. I am certain that Her Majesty's valiant Tommies have nothing to fear, however.

The Imperial Ritterkreuz Emblazoned!

A Long-Barreled Cannon for High Velocity Shot.

[Editor's Note: This is an Ironclad Steam Tank, although I forget exactly which of their models it is off the top of my head. Perhaps Steam 7? I purchased it at Historicon over the summer, and just got around to painting it up. I think the green looks rather nice. I considered some splinter camouflage, but decided against it (obviously). Some projects finally moving ahead!]

26 October 2013

Galvanic Ray Cannon Fielded!

   The Galvanic Ray Cannon uses electrical power provided by an easily swapped miniaturised and self-contained voltaic pile. Each voltaic cartridge holds enough power to fire the cannon once. When fired, an intense beam of superheated light energy bursts forth, striking at great distances with uncanny accuracy.

[Editor's Note: This is a project that has been languishing for literally years in my 'to-do' pile. Glad to have it finally done and it looks rather good, I think. The gun itself is obviously an older GW metal lascannon, and the trails are from the same gun. The wheels I replaced with a pair generously donated to me by Nic Robson of Eureka Minaitures, down in Australia. Nic's a great guy - missed him at Historicon this year, and I hear he's likely to skip in future so that he can attend Salute in Old Blighty. Their gain, our loss. Maybe I can talk the memsahib into letting me go to Salute...]

25 October 2013

In Her Majesty's Name! - Lord Curr's Company

   All done with these chaps! Except for Her Ladyship, Lady Felicity, at any rate...

Pinstripes are hard to paint. Lovely grey morning coat.

Love this fellows whiskers.

Especially happy with this waistcoat.

The Whole Company

24 October 2013

Doctor Vardu's Mutant Simian Bodyguard

Ape-X, Doctor Vardu's Mutant Simian Bodyguard

   The devious Doctor Vardu, the master of the manipulation of the threads of life, has created a new mutant animal monstrosity. This zoomorph blends Mountain Gorilla with a touch of Humanity, and is fitted with a mindcontrol cap to ensure that his rage is vented only upon those the bad doctor designates. The mad scientist has been assisted it seems by Professor Otto Maton, as well, by the looks of that grafted miniature Gatling gun and the steam-powered gauntlet on Ape-X's left hand.

He's a silverback!

[Editor's Note: Not quite done with this one, but wanted to get some pictures posted anyway. He's a Chronoscope line Ape-X from Reaper's Bones product. First of the Bones plastics that I have painted, and it was very easy. No primer, just a good wash with warm soap and water and straight to paint.]

12 October 2013

RAFM Miniatures VSF/Steampunk Figures

   You probably all know that RAFM makes the Space: 1889 range of 25mm figures. And that they currently have a sale going on (not sure when it ends - need to order some things, if I can find the funding). But they are also showcasing some new figures, the Airship Pirates range.

  I particularly like the Peeler, but the Air Marine artwork is interesting as well. Look forward to seeing some greens on these. And who doesn't like a 30% discount?

11 October 2013

The Dead Arise in the Empire...

   Which is to say, I received a package yesterday afternoon. It was covered with curious and arcane labels, "Par Avion," "CN 22 Customs Declaration" and the like. After listening carefully for any ticking sounds, I assigned a trustworthy lad the duty of cutting the tape which sealed the plain brown card box.

   Then we waited. After a sufficient time passed, the boy showed no signs of ill effects from his daring actions. It was therefore determined that the box could most likely have its lid (hinged on one side) lifted, exposing the contents. A well-lit room was selected for this task. The fact that it was an exterior room with minimal load bearing walls was also considered.

   The brave lad was again employed for the vital yet potentially dangerous task. Using a long stick, and prepared to leap behind the hastily raised barrier of sandbags in the opposite corner of the room, our young hero lifted the lid. 

   Still, nothing happened. No monstrous explosion, no loud report, not even a puff of brimstone-scented smoke. Nothing.

   Summoning all of my wits and courage, I removed the sandbag barrier blocking the door to the room and entered the danger zone. The young lad tugged his forelock and withdrew to a respectful distance. Peering inside the opened box, I saw... werewolves! And armed gentlemen. A myriad of weapons, some common, and others fantastical. Uncle Thulu. A group of Sir Robert Peel's constabulary. A clockwork servant, and a steam-powered hound. Ned Kelly, that Irish rogue. Lightning Jack. A pair of boffins with odd guns. A half dozen odd-looking fellows, one who is almost certainly no gentleman, two that smell quite abominably, and one that may once have been human, but is certainly not any longer. An equal number of equally outlandish ladies, including some bestial primitive and a Celestial! And Her Majesty (God Bless Her), toting a Gatling Patent Mk. I Light Portable Multi-Barreled Reciprocating Rifle, more commonly known as a Mini-Gatling. All represented in one inch tall lead statuettes.


[Editor's Note: I got my Kickstarter rewards from West Wind's Empire of the Dead: Requiem project yesterday. 55 25mm miniatures, plus some tokens and additional weapons for conversions. Lots of VSF goodies to keep me quite busy, and I still have the Society of Thule to start and Lord Curr's Incorrigibles to finish for In Her Majesty's Name. Plus that 25mm steam tank. I need to get painting!]

04 October 2013

Steam Armoured Dwarves?

   I happened on these whilst researching items of critical importance on the interconnected differencing engine. Produced in Poland (Grand Duchy, I think), by a company known as Scibor. Some sort of short but powerful man, heavily whiskered, and wearing an ornate suit of what appears to be steam-powered armour.