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26 September 2013

Steampunk Pirate Playing Cards? Yes, please!

   Earlier this year I backed a Kickstarter project for a deck of Steampunk Cthulhu playing cards. The art was done by a fellow named Nat Iwata out of Portlandia. I got them in (a bit late, but only about a month - not bad for a Kickstarter project) and really like them.

   It turns out that Nat really likes making playing cards. He has another set on Kickstarter now that I am about to go back. This time, we are still 'steampunk', but the subject is PIRATES! This is perfect for anyone who likes the idea of airship pirates (Rob, I am talking to you!). Here's a sample picture.

Looks like a Knave to me.

   At any rate, you can find the project at this link: Steampunk Pirate Cards Kickstarter. We've already missed out on the Black Flag Limited Edition sets, with foil embossed cards and a special coin, which look pretty neat. And the Kickstarter is only three days old! But, I'll be sending him my $11 (includes US shipping) and hope that I see some pirates in me mailbox come Februarrrrry!

08 September 2013

Lord Curr's Incorrigibles Progress

   I've made a bit of progress on my second Company for In Her Majesty's Name. These are, as you can tell, members of Lord Curr's Incorrigibles. While they have a bad reputation, they are actually quite loyal to Her Majesty. The rest of the Incorrigibles are in the works.

"Mad Mick" McFarlane, a certified mad scientist.

Mad Mick's Arc Generator.

One of the Incorrigibles. A flashy cove, what?

The backside of Sam Warburton.

01 September 2013

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues: The Nefarious Machinations of The Nefarious Doktor...

  For those of you who do not also follow the good Colonel's blog (and why not? It's brilliant stuff!), here is a link to his newest creation and an update on the massive sextupedal walker he is building. Over 10,000 rivets, and growing!

Colonel O'Truth's Miniature Issues: The Nefarious Machinations of The Nefarious Doktor...: Hi, All! Warriors of the Wutha-F'Kahwi tribe flee before The Nefarious Doktor Nefarious's mechanical terrors... On a fine Tue...