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31 May 2011

Sights from Comicpalooza

   To be honest, these were only a few of the many excellent steampunk costumes at the Comicpalooza convention held in Houston over the Memorial Day weekend. I was there primarily to take part in my first (and last) Field of Glory Ancients tournament. Even so, I thought these few photos I managed to snap were worth the sharing.

  There were literally dozens of others in fine costumes - I just had very little time to take photos.

30 May 2011

Airship Project, stage 1

   I am currently working on about a dozen projects, as usual. This one has stalled temporarily as I try to figure out how to make a few details work the way I want them. However, I thought I would throw out one tantalizing photo.

   As you can probably tell, the basic gasbag enclosure and rudder vanes come from the Denny's shipyards. Obviously there is a good deal of painting to be done, the weapons systems (including the massive spinal mount Tesla cannon!), engines, and gondolas need attachment as well. But it is at least started.

  I also finished another vehicle recently, a steam picket boat, with a quick firing 4-inch gun in the bow. She was laid down by Peter Pigg, and purchased second hand through connections in the telephonic differencing interchange. I think she'll look good on either the canals of Mars or on one of the myriad waterways of Venus. Gadzooks, she'd even be at home back on Old Earth.

Interchangeable flag - easy swap from British to German to French. An otherwise very neutral paintjob.

10 May 2011

Conflict on Mars!

   The first supplement to When the Navy Walked is now available as a PDF from Wargames Vault. Entitled When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars!, the new book adds details on the setting, some new rules for aerial combat and weather, two new unit types (Creatures and Behemoths), additional races, new scenarios, more armies and new Edges and Flaws that can be used in any game of When the Navy Walked... That's an awful lot of stuff to pack into one book!

   I am the editor for this product (as well as the second edition of the Core Rules), and honestly, I think we did an even better job with this first supplement than the Core Rules. Not that there was anything really wrong with the Core Rules! But, I keep noticing minor imperfections that just make my editor's soul cringe. I haven't gotten my copy of the final product of Conflict on Mars!, with art and everything in it yet, but I have seen a few peeks and previews of it, and it should be a great product.

Under the weather

   Sorry about the lack of posting for the last several days. The truth is, Yours Truly has been a  bit under the weather, as they say. Still not feeling top shape, but I think that reports of my impending demise are an exaggeration at this point.

   A bit of interesting stuff has arrived in the post over the last few days.

   First of all, I received three additional 40K Epic Termites. These models include three parts: a large carrier vehicle, a mounted Termite, and an emerging Termite. The termites themselves are burrowing vessels. I plan to use them for my 6mm When the Navy Walked project. With four of them now, I can assign one per base of infantry and have a full battalion of subterranean capacity. They paint up fairly quick, but I am back logged at the moment, trying to work off a few 15mm Thirty Years War figures.

   Second, I got a good deal on some MageKnight figures. Nine each of the Iron Lungs and the Soaring Gunner mechanical dragonflies. If I remember correctly, that means I have enough to do both units. What units? Well, the Iron Lungs are going to be aether-ready boarding parties. Equipped with air tanks and protective armor, they are ready to issue forth. They will also be quite useful against the dreaded Black Gas Projector used by Professor Maton's diabolical forces, as they are immune to the poisonous vapours. The mechanical dragonflies will need new riders. I am not sure which nation to put them with yet. If Parroom Station had some Masked Minion cavalrymen, I'd try to special order a squad of them. As it is, I may have to go with one of the more conventional colonial 28mm figures and put them on. Perhaps one of the RAFM figures - I believe they are sold seperately. Sure of it, in fact!

   Finally, I got a pair of Privateer Press's Grundback Gunner Warjacks. These are for the Warmachine game. I am thinking they will do duty as either really big 6mm or rather large 15mm self-propelled guns on bipedal walker chassis. Again, not sure of the faction. Currently they are green. I will certainly do some repainting, but I kind of like the scheme. I could certainly add them to the German forces on Venus or Earth without much bother. Just need a bit of trim, and national ensigns.

See what I mean about being a little too plain?

03 May 2011

Popular Mechanicks, Issue #4

  We have recently been provided evidence of the existence, description and photostatic evidence of a new terror weapon. It has apparently been developed secretly in the American West by a German ex-patriate. This German, a Doktor Schleissbaum, seems to have done little more than use the infernal device to terrorize the town of Leadwood briefly, and engage in some knavish behavior. A peeping Tom, of all things!

   Our information was provided by Colonel O'Truth. You may learn more of his endeavours here.

02 May 2011

New Space: 1889 Minis Coming Soon

   According to Frank Chadwick, the creator of the iconic Victorian Science Fiction setting Space: 1889, a new line of miniatures will be produced for the game.

   Actually, two lines. One, in 15mm (HOORAY!), for adventurers, and another, in 1:1200, for cloudships, etc. I certainly hope that we will finally see 15mm High Martians on the market as part of this new line. I need them. I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes.

   Here's the link to the straight dope.

01 May 2011

I May Blush.

   I am extremely proud to announce that Victoria's Boys in Red has been nominated twice for the "Stylish Blogger" Nominations. I am sure there are blogs out there that will collect more (in fact, I believe one of my nominators has garnered three nominations so far!), but for me this is most gratifying. I've always treated my blog as a fun little add-on to my gaming, and a way to share ideas with my fellow VSF nuts out there, but really, I am honored to be chosen for an award. Especially since I have felt that my blog entries of late have lacked a lot of panache.

  The Stylish Blogger Award is given from one blogger to another. A sort of "attaboy" from your fellow enthusiasts, I suppose. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of goodwill so it's too good to pass up. I was awarded mine last week, and have been thinking a little on who to nominate myself. There are four rules:
  1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
  2. Share seven things about yourself
  3. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award
1.   In response to my nominators:

   The two bloggers that nominated me for the award are Eli from I See Lead People and Ruardih from The Ooh Shiny Complex.  I See Lead People has over 200 followers now, and is a great place to cadge a few ideas. I even have posting privileges there! The Ooh Shiny Complex is also full of a variety of topics, as, like me, the owner seems totally incapable of focus in his efforts. But his wanderings are brilliant, so I suppose we can forgive him that small foible (as if we weren't all like that).

2. Seven Things About Me:

  1. I teach US History in an economically disadvantaged middle school.
  2. I am a recent (2 years now) convert to the Catholic Church.
  3. I love Doctor Who (Baker and Tennant), zombies and Star Wars. Han. Shot. First.
  4. I have a semi-rare skin condition and therefore do not go out in the sun without SPF 1 Million - it burns us, my precious!
  5. I have been gaming in one form or another for over 25 years.
  6. I am teaching my sons to drive (15-year-old) and paint (12-year-old).
  7. I think a neat desk is a sign of too little to do.
3. 10-15 blogs to choose:

  Wow, this one is hard. I follow a lot of really good blogs, and I would have nominated I See lead People first of them all, and Ooh Shiny Complex as well! But a few of my other choices would have to be (in, mind you, no particular order):

Armored Ink - Run by Sir Alfrik, a man I think is a virtual genius in the terrain and conversion field. Especially for VSF. He has a great ability to see new troops from old minis. Definitely check it out.

Yours In a White Wine Sauce - Possibly the central blog for the VSF genre. As Eli put it, "A great news site for new products, pieces of media or just that cheeky bit of pluck, this is a great blog for steampunks everywhere." Couldn't say it better myself. And the blog title is worthy of a style award all by itself.
Khurasan Miniatures - Yes, it is primarily a commercial for their products. I don't care - I love the blog. Loads of good fluff material for the excellent minis that Khurasan produces. I have probably a hundred of their minis awaiting a turn on the paint table.

Dampf's Modelling Page - Loads of great wargaming material here, especially if you like stuff that is just a half a bubble off from history. Tony, the Dampfpanzerwagon himself (it means steamtank, by the way), has some good stuff, and he tends to back his projects with some storyline. Which is what I like!
VSF and 15mm Wargaming - Are you noticing a trend, here, folks? I follow a lot of VSF-themed blogs.
Dropship Horizon - What Yours In a White Wine Sauce is for VSF, I think Dropship Horizon does for 15mm Sci-fi. This is the starting point for any 15mm Sci-Fi, with gobs of photos and reviews of products. There are other good 15mm sci-fi blogs; for my vote, this one is the best.
The Armchair General - This one I was slightly conflicted on nominating. Not because it isn't a dashed good blog, because it is! No, I was conflicted because I am connected to this blog by way of working on When the Navy Walks. So, I opted for full disclosure and a nomination.
Steampunk Scholar - Run by a Canadian university English professor, this blog details his work and passion for defining steampunk as a literary genre. You can get gobs of good book ideas from it. And books lead to new ideas, I find, so it spurs a lot of creativity.
One More Gaming Project - This blog is produced by Chris Palmer, one of the creators of one of my favorite gaming rulessets, GASLIGHT. Lots of neat stuff here, as well. I especially like his Aeronef landing zones.
Rule 4: I will be notifying the recipients of my nominations tonight and tomorrow.

   For the record, this is what Eli said about this blog. It darned near made me blush. Thanks buddy!

   Victoria's Boys in Red - Another blog brought to you by a buddy of mine, VBIR is a great blog that shows off one man's brilliant vision of his VSF universe. Mr. Womack presents to you bits and pieces collected from all corners of the miniatures market recruited into his own world. But it's not just about miniatures at VBIR. There are great bits of background material detailing the troops, creatures, equipment and background of Mr. Womack's universe.