What should I work on next?

24 October 2010

Leviathans, from Catalyst Games

  This is a new game that has been in development for a couple of years now. I first heard about it on YWWS, and the artwork is really great. While it is a little bit post-traditional VSF, being more 1910-ish, I think that it fits the genre pretty well still. I mean, what red-blooded VSF fan doesn't love a few good armored flying ships?

  Looking at the available items, it appears that it is not ready for full release, but you can get a downloadable PDF of the basic rules for $2.99, and some PDF fleets as well. One of these days I may have to plunk down a  few bucks and try it out! But for now, I have to get the kids ready for school tomorrow and finish grading some student projects. Ahhh, report card time...

13 October 2010

Steampunk / Gothic browser game...

  The game is called Echo Bazaar, and you play in Fallen London. You do need a Facebook or Twitter account to login, but you don't play through Facebook.

  I find it entertaining. Check it out.

11 October 2010

Interesting Figures

I saw these figures from SuperFigs and thought that they might make interesting 25mm VSF figures.

  These first figures are called Shark Troopers #1. At $10 for a pack of 5, not a bad price. I think they look like Atlanteans or possibly Venusians, depending on your brand of VSF. They also have a Shark troopers #2, which appear to be armed with some sort of projectile thrower. Look for them in the Henchmen section of the site.

  These little lovelies may only work for my botanical mad scientist, but I think they are pretty great. Plus, what with Halloween coming up, they work real well for that, too. I will probably be buying a couple of packs of these as soon as I can find the money. Again, 5 for $10 is a pretty good deal, and two packs will set me up for the unit. They are called Devil's Knight Henchmen.

  And here is the Devil Knight himself, looking like an awesome leader for the unit. You can find him here. He's a bit pricier at $3.95, but hey, it's a hero figure, right?

09 October 2010

Steampunk Advertisement

  Okay, this is just too much fun. I've never tried the breakfast items advertised, but the ads themselves are just brilliant!