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30 September 2014

Some Painted Dystopian Wars stuff

  First up, the Speerwurf airship squadron. I didn't put the zig-zag camo on them because, well, I was tired of doing it.

You can see the national roundel and the big Speerwurf itself.

An infantry token. This is a regiment of Line infantry.
I may paint the next ones to represent jagers.

"Recke" Heavy Tanks 
Notice the churned up ground behind the tracks...

"Ritter" Light tanks

Squadron command tank

26 September 2014

Ships of the Indian Raj!

   Okay, consider this purchased - maybe as late as Christmas this year. Maybe. I love anything to do with Colonial India. I blame Stirling's book The Peshawar Lancers and films like Lives of a Bengal Lancer.

Political Map of the World According to Peshawar Lancers