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28 February 2015

Steam-powered Foo Dog, Anyone?

In case anyone needs one... I think I do. Available here, from Spartan Games.

I imagine it would work in different ways for any scale from 1:1200 to 28mm.

17 February 2015

OwlCon Report

   This was the year of VSF for me at OwlCon, the annual science fiction and gaming convention held at Rice University in downtown Houston. I played in three games on Saturday the 7th, all VSF-related.

  The first game was a four player Dystopian Wars 2.0 matchup. I took the Danish fleet in support of Prussian allies, against a combined British and Antarctic fleet. First time with the Danes, and I did terribly. I have to figure out a better way to use those mines than as virtual suicide bombs. Also, the first time with DW 2.0 rules. Not a lot of changes that affected my game.

   The valiant forces of Prussia and Denmark failed to carry the day, unfortunately. However, to brighten things up, I won the drawing for a free box set of minis. I am awaiting delivery of some Federated States forces to beef up my new fleet. Thanks to Garth Bragg for putting on the game and providing the prize.

  Oh - I was so busy playing that I didn't take any pictures!

  My second game was another first, All Quiet on the Martian Front. I took the Martian side in  a massive game. I had some twenty-odd tripods to handle, and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Which was good, because one of my opponents couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the rules and had to be reminded what to do each time. Honestly, he was an older gentleman, and seemed a bit... fuzzy headed, let's say. Pleasant enough, but his attention (and body) wandered away from the table many times. The other player for the Human side (FRY HUMAN SCUM!!!) was more attentive and took up the slack.

   I managed a squeaker of a victory, by not concentrating on eliminating enemy units entirely. A couple of more shots concentrating on eliminating entire units would have seen a solid Martian victory. However, as far as special victory conditions were concerned, I managed to nearly get one tripod off the defended edge of the Human side. My power node was never endangered. Thanks to Coab Evans for putting on this game.

Yup, that's me.

Protecting the Power Node

At the Beginning...

   My third and final game of the convention was an evening of In Her Majesty's Name. The scenario was simple: two rival groups of archaeologists trying to get into the tomb of an ancient god-king. Of course, it wasn't that simple: the local natives didn't want anyone to wander around their countryside, looting antiquities. Also, the god-king has a devoted cult, who didn't want unbelievers defiling their deity's most sacred precincts.

   I took the British Museum's Expedition, complete with native porters, eminent scientists, adventurous American archaeologists, and a Great White Hunter. The GWH drew first blood at extreme range, taking down one of the natives as he bounded across the plains, intent on mischief amongst the porters! I then stupidly allowed myself to get bogged down in hand-to-hand combat, but my valiant porters did quite well against a superior foe. "Tenty" went toe-to-toe with an assegai armed Yahoo for at least four rounds, even knocking the Yahoo down once before finally being double-teamed and skewered from behind.

   In the end, I managed to get the American archaeologist, Ohio Smith, into the tomb on the very last turn of the game. The remainder of my expedition was wiped out to the last man (and woman). Came in second or third on points (out of five), but had a good time nonetheless. Thanks to the fellows from LSHM who put it on (Andy!).

Issue with the Poll

   Did anyone else not see the question, or is it just me? I hope that was the cause for the lack of responses!

   I'll try again later, but the question was "What is your preferred/favorite faction in Dystopian Wars/Legions?"

01 February 2015

Artizan Miniatures' Midnight Workshop

   Artizan Miniatures has been rather quietly creating a rather nice little line of Victorian miniatures in 28mm. It is titles "Midnight Workshop." 

   Some are suitable for a straight Victorian tabletop, and others useful for a VSF table. I have captured a few of the images form their website and added them below. At 2.60 GBP each, they aren't exactly cheap, but they look quite nice. I believe I will be ordering some at some point this year, to add to my Metropolitan Police Force if nothing else.

I believe we have seen this fellow before.

Quite a nice paint job on these, as well.

This peeler looks kitted out with an Arc Rifle.
The gasmask makes me think they've got tear gas a bit early?

This is Mr. Wells, one of four armed civilians, members of the
Martian Free State Raiders.