What should I work on next?

23 September 2012

Bring on the Lizardman of Tribe Khurrasssann

   You see here the entirety so far of the lizardmen of the Tribe Khurrasssann. Thirty of the buggers (not forty, as previously reported), ready for battle. Now I just need to work on their support troops, the salamanderi, and the heavy cavalry. My thanks to good friend Tom, who painted up twenty of these for me. Tom is lightning fast with a brush, I gotta say.

The entire horde.

Comparison shot of mine and Tom's.
Tom's needs static grass and clearcoat.

Some Photostats of Summer Work

   Not entirely sure if I have posted these photos before. This is some of what I did manage to accomplish this summer.

A granary, for Venusians

A French Armoured Dig, for either 6mm or 1/1200

Two stout English lads, on Mars. (Empress Figures)

Doctor Vardu, who manipulates the very thread of life into unnatural weaves...

A heliograph section (15mm, Peter Pig)

The Colonel seems to have something on his coat sleeve. 
"Hmmph. Bloody lazy batman."

20 September 2012


   It has been a spell since last I subjected the internet to my insanity...

   And with grad school currently kicking my arse all over the place, might be a bit longer before there is anything of substance. Sorry Charles.

   Not much to report, honestly. Had a friend paint up the rest of my Khurasan lizardmen. They look quite nice, and I will take pictures as soon as I take the time to get some basing done. Maybe this weekend. That'll give me 40 of the blighters ready to terrorize Venus.

   Must dash. 50 more pages to read tonight so I can write my paper tomorrow night.