What should I work on next?

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, been a real busy few weeks.
  1. Took the GRE. Did well.
  2. Son had his twelfth birthday yesterday! That was awesome.
  3. Turkey Day today! Yummy!
  4. Aggie football tonight - BTHO t.u.!
  5. Even did a little painting!
To everyone who still checks in here from time to time, Happy Thanksgiving!

11 November 2010

All Gave Some, Some Gave All.

Mere words can not adequately express the debt we owe our veterans.

Wounded Warrior Project

Fisher House Project

Go now, and donate to one of these (or any of the many other) worthy veterans' charities. Really, it's the least we can do for those who have done so much for us.

For our British friends, today is Remembrance Day as well.

03 November 2010

News from the Front!

The news is this... no news to report, sir!

I have done absolutely zero work on anything VSF-related in weeks. I think I am trying to clear out the clogged filters between my ears or something.

However, there is a bit of stuff perhaps on the horizon. Perhaps. I would like to get a few minor projects finished... stuff that is just cluttering my painting table. Now that football season is coming to an end, I think maybe I will have a bit more time in the evenings and afternoons to do something about it.