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28 August 2015

Vardu's Greatest Triumph to Date

   One of the two major mad scientists which threaten the peace of the Solar System, Doctor Vardu twists the very threads of life itself to create warped monsters. He has a fascination with merging human characteristics with those of animals and even plants! In this instance, the base creature was a mighty Venusian Marsh Oak.

A crude intelligence simmers in the orange eyes of the mighty beast.

As you can clearly see, the Marsh Oak is host to a variety of
other plants and fungi.

[I added Meadow Flowers and Wilderness Tufts]

[Reaper Bones: "Spirit of the Forest"]

27 August 2015

FSA Revere-class Corvettes

  Finally a few new things to show you. And of course, the photos are terrible. Definitely need to get a new camera and a light box. I hear good things about the Foldio (?).

Revere-class Corvettes

New home for the FSA's capital ships