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12 November 2012

Out of my Cave for a Moment...

   I have been woefully absent from any sort of gaming for the past three months or so, thanks largely to my nasty grad school habit taking up almost all of my free time (time not spent working, eating, sleeping, or spending time with the family). But today I took a few moments to peek about some of my old haunts, and found some treasures.

   Parroom Station makes some of my favorite VSF minis. And Bob Charrette there is rolling out a new game, called Secret Science. I have played in one of the demos at Historicon a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it. But the game is about to be made available, and there have been postings at the Parroom Times Despatch that include many photos of upcoming miniatures. Lots of goodies, one of which I have snagged (sorry Bob, hope you don't mind the publicity) to show you what I mean.

Ol' Number 17

   One of the neat things that they are producing is a set of exhausts for the automatons, to indicate different motive forces. Another awesome thing is the expansion of Masked Minions, with alternate heads (comes with the old style as well, which I will keep to, personally). And finally, a preview of some 'enslaved' troops, with freaking mind control helmets. Mind control helmets! I must have some. Exactly the sort of thing the Tsar would do to political dissidents...

   I was going to ask for guns for Christmas this year. Real ones, not models, that is. But... I may have to have some toys. I mean, really... just add more to the Lead Mountain in the game room.