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19 September 2011

Returning with More Mechanickal Insects!

   Ladies and Gentlemen, I know there has been an extended lack of new content from this journal. For that, I do most humbly apologize. I hope this new missive finds you well. As for the delays, sadly, personal issues have been in the way of good journalism. Well, perhaps 'good journalism', in regards to this journal, is stretching the bounds of credulity a bit. Would you accept the use of the term 'interestingly diverting' in its place?

  At any rate, I have found something of interest for those of you who find mechanickal monsters interesting. It seems that some mad genius has built flying clockwork-powered wasps!

  The spinning rotor and clockwork power system reminds one of the German Fliegerjagers, with their clockwork powered packs that enable limited flight. They were, of course, developed by Doktor Maton. This device is newer, and more powerful. Her Majesty's Government suspects that it is a development of the older flieger technology, perhaps fabricated by one of Maton's subordinates.

[Editor's Note: Okay, I have got to get a unit of these. And here I thought I was done with the Automatons. Available from Fiendish Fabrications in Australia for AU$8.00. I'll be checking into US distributors, and may contact the manufacturers directly to order the number I need minus the fancy (but not fitting for my plans) clockwork base. It is a nice base. But I want the sands of Mars below mine.]

05 September 2011


  Apologies for the lack of posting lately. Things have been a bit hectic on the personal side. The words school and hospital are involved.

  However, work has continued on When the Navy Walked supplements. Keep an eye out on the Armchair General's website for more on that.

  Also, I have been given an article for the next Aethergraph. Anyone else that would like to contribute, please let me know! More contributors means a faster turn around on the next issue!