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30 April 2016

Today is Camerone Day

   Today is Camerone Day, the anniversary of the Battle of Camerone. On this day in 1863, three officers and sixty-two men of the French Foreign Legion exemplified stoic determination in the face of overwhelming odds.

   Surrounded by as many as two thousand Mexican troops, the Legionnaires under Captain Jean Danjou made a stand in an old hacienda. When called up on to surrender, Captain Danjou replied, "We have munitions. We will not surrender." In the ensuing battle, nearly all of the Legionnaires, including Captain Danjou, were killed. When the last five unwounded men ran out of ammunition, under the command of Lieutenant Maudet, they loaded their last round, fixed bayonets, and charged the enemy.

   Inevitably, they were surrounded and captured (although not without a fight). The last remaining NCO, Corporal Maine, insisted that the wounded be treated, the survivors be sent with their arms back to France, and that the body of Captain Danjou be escorted for a proper military burial. The Mexican commander, a Colonel Milan, reportedly said "Que podrĂ© negar a cierto hombres? No, estos no son hombres, son demonios." (What can I refuse to such men? No, these are not men, they are devils.)

23 April 2016

Back to the UK this summer!


My family and I will be returning to the UK again this summer. Booked airfare last night. Our itnerary is less focused than usual, as yet.

We will be in London on July 11-12. My son has a tour of a college campus (University of East London) that he is interested in attending.

We will be in Edinburgh from the 13-17 July. After that, Momma heads back to the US and the boys and I go... somewhere. Considering a day or two in Weymouth again, as it was lovely, and I'd like to see the Goddards again and stay in that lovely little hotel from last time. The owners were wonderful.

Also considering a visit to northern cities. Any suggestions?

Finally, I would love to meet any gamers in the areas in which we visit. Just give a shout!