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31 December 2011

OwlCon XXXI: Coming up fast!

  OwlCon is an annual convention held on the campus of Rice University in downtown Houston, Texas. My sons and I have gone for the last three (or is it four?) years in a row.

  I totally forgot about it coming up. I was planning on running a 6mm demo of When the Navy Walked. The "deadline" for registering a game was November 4th! Have to see if I can still get a table! Since I finally got the figures I needed to be able to play (grumble grumble) Now, to paint them and base them and...

  Anyway, the convention is February 3-5, 2012. If you are in the area, come on by!

  Oh, and Happy New Year!

30 December 2011

Can't take a vacation around here...

   Good ladies and gentlemen, I aopologize for hte lack of news about the place. For some reason, the article which I had planned on (and thought I had scheduled to do so!) for last week never printed. Gadzooks! A man can't take any time away from his work around here!

  I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas Day. My family and I did, thank you.

  Today, whilst perusing many a catalouge of interest, I found a few items to inspire you, I hope. These are from Reaper (horrid name, yes, but they're Americans).

Some sort of terrible beast. It has no eyes - how does it hunt? To be honest, I am afraid to find out.

This young lady, while dressed impeccably, has a sort of un-ladylike fascination with science and technology.
As proven by her wonking big Gatling pistol.

This gentleman is clearly best confined to Bethlehem Hospital.
I've no idea what the deuce he is holding, but it looks unwholesome.

A pair of automatons, the wonder of our Modern Age.

Typical American. Big hat, big gun. But can he hit the target at which he shoots?

Primitives. Possibly of Cytherean provenance, but unknown.

[Editor's Note: It may seem strange that the editor persona harbors misgivings against Americans, since the author actually is American. And Texan, to top it off. Mark it down to late 1800s resentment against the upstart cousins across the sea. Images from Reaper's website - no challenge to copyright, just hoping to inspire others.]

11 December 2011

New Landship Sighted!

  As the pre-eminent news source for Her Majesty's subjects here on Mars, we are constantly on the watch for developments which may affect the Empire and its subjects. As such, guardians of the Rights of Englishmen that we are, we feel it needful to point out that Her Majesty's forces have produced a new sort of armoured landship.

  Fitted with a set of rotating tracks upon which it easily and swiftly traverses the rough sands of Mars, the 50' long armoured leviathan also mounts an array of artillery and reciprocating cannon that are sure to daunt even the hardiest opponents of Her Majesty's rightful claims.

   The Colour Sergeant agrees: "Right, you lot, now we follow those lads in the big tin can, and next thing, we're at it with the Hun. They won't like it up 'em!"

[Editor's Note: The model at the top is newly released by a new (?) company that has just started making 10mm VSF. The company is Troublemaker Games, and the models come at 6 to the pack. Each is 55mm long, according to the description here. I'm considering using them in my 6mm VSF project as even bigger landships.]

09 December 2011

WTNW Artwork Teaser

A teaser of the artwork for the upcoming When the Navy Walked supplement, WTNW: Airships and Skypirates. Thanks to the Armchair General for putting it out there, because I think it is a great piece of art. And I am not just saying that because I am editor and part-author of this book.

01 December 2011

Some Interesting Mechanickal bits

   While perusing a certain auctioneer's location, I came across these interesting mechanickal pieces. They appear to be some sort of prosthetic devices for missing legs.

   They appear to be of some unknown Eastern European manufacture, perhaps one of those small Balkan states, somewhere in the Hapsburg dominions? Although they appear rather crudely made to our British sensibilities, they have a certain rugged appearance that makes it seem they might still be serviceable.

  Those interested in such things might look here for additional information.

[Editor's Note: I sort of wish I had a real use for these. Just $7.49 a set. Might get them to use in 15mm vehicular manufacture rahter than 28mm leg swaps, as I believe they are originally intended.]