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23 January 2014

Naval Brigade Jack Tars Arrive

   Sailors from HMAS Minotaur have been armed with rifles and disembarked in order to secure downport facilities in Victoria Landing. Recent unfortunate events with native malcontents in the Crown Colony have made an increase in downport security a necessity. Government sources indicate that several credible threats have been made against the fuel and ammunition depot, requiring additional security beyond that provided by the Army. Certainly, we all feel much safer with these additional loyal Crown servants protecting our vital interests and infrastructure here in the Crown Colony.

[Editor's Note: These are eleven 15mm naval brigade armed sailors, manufacturer unknown (but I suspect Old Glory), and purchased years ago at Historicon flea market. I finally rebased and touched up the paint on them to make them fit in with my other minis.]

17 January 2014

In Her Majesty's Name: Crates of Doom!

The Setup: Six crates were lost while transporting them from the Lost Tomb to Cairo. Rumor says that Professor Higgins-Bote had located Akhenaton's sacred regalia. Lord Curr wants a finder's fee. Akhenaton wants his sacred regalia to control the world!

I played the Cult of Ra, and Zach took over Lord Curr's Incorrigibles.

My plan: use the worthless-in-a-fight cultists to grab the crates with the Professor to cover them, and let my three good fighters hold off the enemy.

His plan: Shoot the cultists before they escape with the crates.

I just couldn't kill them! Twice Curr made his Pluck roll exactly.

   The terrifying aspects of Akhenaton and the mummy ran off two of Zach's characters. Mad Mick never amounted to much, but Mohan Singh shot up Akhenaton. Curr and his cronies killed Sairah (no gentlemen, these British!).

   In the end, Zach won on points, although I recovered three crates to his one. Only one of mine held anything (random roll to determine which ones had contents), and I needed two to make up the points lost for all my dead cultists (only one survived!). We made a few mistakes that were costly for me (the volley rule tore me up, but we did it wrong). I also lost track of my Mystical Powers, so they didn't get used very well.

   We had a good time, however, and learned from our few mistakes, I think. Next time, the glory of the ancient pharaohs shall triumph!

16 January 2014

Henry "Hank" Esslinger, 1957-2015

  I met Hank (also known as Critter, Security Minister Sholo Crittumbo, and several variations of same) online in the popular gaming forum The Miniatures Page. He was a valued member of that online community, not least because he always stayed out of the sometimes nasty mudslinging that takes place there. He was friendly, kind, humorous and caring. I learned that he was staying nearby a few years ago and invited him over to the house, and we had a great evening. He met my wife and sons, and charmed her. He always kept up with my boys afterwards, and their accomplishments.

  I only saw Hank in person two other times. Once was at a gaming convention held aboard the Battleship Texas. We spent most of that day hanging out and playing games. The other was at the Texas Renaissance Faire, where he worked every fall. Other than that, our contact was through TMP, Facebook, and occasional phone calls and texts.

   Hank died suddenly over night on January 14th/15th. As I write this, I haven't learned the cause of death. He was a great guy, and a good friend. The world was a better, brighter, happier place with his big heart and ready wit in it. He will be missed by many.

06 January 2014

Clockwork Goblin Products

   I found these sort of randomly, while reading Eli Arndt's I See Lead People blog. I thought they looked interesting. Photos are from the Clockwork Goblin webstore.

15mm US "Grizzly" Walker
I'd remove the Ma Deuce for VSF, and add a boiler and smokestack to the back.
Maybe shorten the gun barrel a bit.

15mm US "Hyena" Light Jump Walker
Might re-work the right hand into a gripper of some sort.
This says 'Armoured Combat Aethersuit' to me.

15mm German "Thor" Mechpanzer
Again, needs a bit of Victorian and steam-y flair, but I like the six legs.

15mm German "Spinne" Light Mechpanzer
I really like this one for an Imperial German Scout.
3 for 13 GBP, too...

28mm British Automated Infantry
I'd go with the water-cooled MG for VSF.
Reminds me a bit of the Parroom Station Clockwork Soldier.

Like the labels say...
The RPG armed one reminds me of the upgraded Ogryn from the Imperial Guard.

And last, a concept sketch I think is interesting...

"Shreckwulfen 1"

04 January 2014

Nearing Publication of The Aethergraph, Vol. 3, #1

   I have just about finished putting together the next issue of The Aethergraph, after almost 2 1/2 years on hiatus. I could definitely use some more submissions, though! So, I'm asking for some help. If you've seen other issues of the magazine, you know the sort of thing I want: house rules, reviews of products, fiction, art, battle reports, pictures, interesting classified ads (not for real products, please - I want to keep things noncommercial at this point), historical articles, or whatever.

   Any submissions will be copyrighted to The Aethergraph, but I would be happy to release any rights back to the author if he or she found an outlet to sell their submission. I just want to be sure that I won't be sued by someone who obtains the rights from you later on! The e-zine is free, so I can't pay you, but heck, think of all the people that could see your work. Dozens, at least. Eternal glory and fame. Sort of.

   If you have anything you would like to submit, please email it to me at aethergraph@gmail.com. Even if it doesn't make this issue, more submissions means I have to spend less time working up my own material, and thus I can fill new issues more quickly - that means more issues for all to enjoy!

   Those of you who are actually professionals (Frank, Rob, Eli, and so on... you know who you are), I would LOVE to get some material from you. A page or two would be great. And if you have any suggestions on any legal IP issues, I'd appreciate the help.

   Anyway, enough begging. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to seeing some fantastic Victorian submissions.

02 January 2014

Victorian Conversion Ideas

   Mark, the chronicler of the Winter of '79, has put up some interesting thoughts regarding Foundry's Zulu War uniformed British Officers and NCOs. Besides that, his blog is quite entertaining as well.

   That should get you to the post in question, but do take a peek about the place, if you haven't already. Certainly worth the cost of admission and a few hours of your time.

01 January 2014

Happy New Year!

   The title pretty much says it all. Best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!