What should I work on next?

20 May 2015

HMLS Dreadnought by Captain Darling

Captain Darling has slipped through my network of reporters previously, but this time, we have him! His report on the new landship HMLS Dreadnought, can be found here.

More information about landships and the arms race between Britain and the Russians can be had here and here. I shudder to think the Russians may be able to use this information in their own quest for imperial domination...

[Editor's Note: I like the photo effect used here. Nice looking bit of kit, and I am now following this blog, which had in fact escaped my attention previously.]

06 May 2015

Possible for 28mm?

Spartan Games

   Although designed for the Dystopian Legions game, which inexplicably uses a noticeably larger 32mm-sized figure, I think these battle armor suits might just work for 28mm games. Has anyone tried this? I would love to see pictures of them next to a 28mm figure for size.

05 May 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Or, as I like to call it, Mexican Import Beer Day!

Great cartoon, though I prefer Dos Equis myself.

   Figures from Shadowking's Blog, shamelessly stolen and ported here just for today. He did a really nice job on these, however. You might be interested in taking a look over there. This is a Mexican/French Adventuring Company for In Her Majesty's Name.

Round 2 Entry - 17th Lancers Aerocav

   Since this round is also over, I can share these. I posted the original one many moons ago, but I only got around to painting up the remaining nine back in February. I think they came out well, and look forward to using them in a game.

   This is the 17th Lancers' F-Troop, mounted on the new Guernsey Patent Steam Ornithopter. Nicknamed the "bug boys" for obvious reasons. Note how the 'eyes' glow green? That's the handwavium reaction providing heat for the steam power. Vents out the tail, in controlled bursts for charges. Also, they are armed with the explosive limpet lance. Just the thing for blowing big holes in the delicate liftwood panels of Martian kites.

04 May 2015

Federated States Aerial forces

   Painted about two months ago, but had to wait for their turn in the Lead Painters' League competition to end. Which it did last night. So... here are some of the Federated States of America forces I have.

  I also have some naval forces, but I may need them for later in the contest, so I won't show them yet. They include a dreadnought and a double-deck carrier, though. Which is pretty cool.

03 May 2015

Back to it?


   The semester is almost over, and I am just about done grading term papers. Finally.

   This means I can start considering the final touches to the next issue of The Aethergraph (Vol. 4, No. 1, for those of you keeping score at home).

   This issue is somewhat free-form, as it does not have any specific theme. I'm hoping to see another article or two come in, or perhaps some photos or art. I may need to go raiding the blogosphere for something to write about. We'll see.