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23 June 2010

Colonial Adventures, Anyone?

   Last Saturday, I ran a short game of The Sword and the Flame, in 15mm. A simple scenario, and the British, after a couple of hours and two key mistakes, ended up washing the spears of the Zulus. Except for the ten infantrymen that ran away.

   Anyway, having a bit of extra time, we went ahead and tried out the rules "Colonial Adventures". with some 1/72nd Italeri plastics another fellow had brought. Same scenario - get to the other end of the board. The net result was that forty of Her Majesty's worst (very green) were slaughtered in the first turn, killing only four Zulus in return. Game over in fifteen minutes. Very unsatisfying.

   I think, however, that the primary problem was in lack of knowledge of the rules. I had never played them, the other player had never played them, and the guy running it seemed as if he had never played them, though he claimed to have. He certainly didn't know how unbalanced he had set the forces.

   I'm willing to give the ruleset a second chance. But I was wondering how any of you feel about them?

21 June 2010

Zulus Sighted!

About a hundred of 'em! Actually, a hundred and one. I knew I was never gonna get these fellas painted, so... I farmed the work out. I paid someone to do 40 of them. I liked his skin tones, and the way he did the induna's cloaks as leopard print was very cool.

The remaining 60 I did in trade: four battalions and two guns of painted AB Napoleonics (one French, one Austrian, and two British, with the guns being Austrian) for painting on 60 Zulus.

The Zulus were not hard to paint, but... just not interested in doing it. However, with them painted up, we did play a game of The Sword and The Flame this past Saturday as well.

The scenario was a simple enough one: the British patrol, consisting of a platoon of infantry, a troop of cavalry, and one general supply wagon needed to cross the Somewheresi River at the ford. The Zulu tribesmen did not wish them to do so.

I wish I had kept notes or something, or taken more than a few token photos. I used the terrain boards my friend Dan gave me a few months back. They looked great! The result of the battle: well, I'll try and put together a more coherent report.

Photos of the Zulus once I finish getting them nicely based. Promise! Maybe as early as Wednesday...

17 June 2010

Convention Coming...

Historicon, I am there!

Didn't think I was gonna get to go this year, but my wonderful bride essentially said: "Just buy the damned tickets and stop asking if we can afford it, already! You're making me nuts!" Or something to that effect.

I love my wife.

I'll be in at least one VSF game, as well, on Saturday night, 8PM, with Bob Charette. He's running his Skyrunners game, which just released a couple of months back. I love the photos of the ships, and want to see them in action!

Even though my spending money's less than I would want it to be for the convention, I'm looking forward to the games! Plus, there's the flea market. Love that. And I can still window shop the convention booths to order stuff later - I like to see something before I buy it online. I'm odd that way.

Also, I'll be going by myself, so no kids wanting to drag me away from interesting booths, games, or whatever so they can eat or something... pfah! Wimps.

Anyway, look me up. I'll be the slightly overweight short guy with no hair and a goatee. No, not that one. No, not that one either. Hint: I shower regularly and change clothes everyday. Does that help? :D

09 June 2010

Aethergraph Issue 1 Now Available

XCIV Publishing (yours truly, editor) is proud to announce the release of the premiere issue of The Aethergraph, an electronic fanzine dedicated to Victorian Science Fiction. It includes items both in character (setting fluff) and out (rules, fiction, etc.).

You may find it located in the sidebar at the top on the left of your screen. Enjoy, and please leave me comments and contributions at aethergraph@gmail.com.

[EDIT 6/13: By "contributions", I do not mean cash contributions. I mean submissions to be included in the next issues. Just to be clear.]

08 June 2010

Aethergraph Approaching... Really!

We are pending release of the newest electrographic and telegraphically distributed magazine dedicated to Victorian Science Fiction: The Aethergraph, edited by none other than yours truly.

I know it's running later than I hoped. Sadly, other duties interfered with production. I have only one full page left to fill, and I believe I have the material ready to go for that.

Speaking of material, I want to thank Bob Charrette, who makes the wonderful Parroom Station miniatures, for kindly allowing me to use a photo of one of his Skyrunner Scudders in this issue. Also, the gentlemen at Quantum Gothic, who allowed me to use their Communication Dish picture to tart up this issue. I really do need to buy one of these - does anyone in the US carry them? Lovely stuff. Award winning, even.

Expect to see the first edition out in a few days. And naturally, I will announce it here, there and everywhere.