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17 June 2010

Convention Coming...

Historicon, I am there!

Didn't think I was gonna get to go this year, but my wonderful bride essentially said: "Just buy the damned tickets and stop asking if we can afford it, already! You're making me nuts!" Or something to that effect.

I love my wife.

I'll be in at least one VSF game, as well, on Saturday night, 8PM, with Bob Charette. He's running his Skyrunners game, which just released a couple of months back. I love the photos of the ships, and want to see them in action!

Even though my spending money's less than I would want it to be for the convention, I'm looking forward to the games! Plus, there's the flea market. Love that. And I can still window shop the convention booths to order stuff later - I like to see something before I buy it online. I'm odd that way.

Also, I'll be going by myself, so no kids wanting to drag me away from interesting booths, games, or whatever so they can eat or something... pfah! Wimps.

Anyway, look me up. I'll be the slightly overweight short guy with no hair and a goatee. No, not that one. No, not that one either. Hint: I shower regularly and change clothes everyday. Does that help? :D

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