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21 June 2010

Zulus Sighted!

About a hundred of 'em! Actually, a hundred and one. I knew I was never gonna get these fellas painted, so... I farmed the work out. I paid someone to do 40 of them. I liked his skin tones, and the way he did the induna's cloaks as leopard print was very cool.

The remaining 60 I did in trade: four battalions and two guns of painted AB Napoleonics (one French, one Austrian, and two British, with the guns being Austrian) for painting on 60 Zulus.

The Zulus were not hard to paint, but... just not interested in doing it. However, with them painted up, we did play a game of The Sword and The Flame this past Saturday as well.

The scenario was a simple enough one: the British patrol, consisting of a platoon of infantry, a troop of cavalry, and one general supply wagon needed to cross the Somewheresi River at the ford. The Zulu tribesmen did not wish them to do so.

I wish I had kept notes or something, or taken more than a few token photos. I used the terrain boards my friend Dan gave me a few months back. They looked great! The result of the battle: well, I'll try and put together a more coherent report.

Photos of the Zulus once I finish getting them nicely based. Promise! Maybe as early as Wednesday...


Neil Hughes said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your zulus. Check out my colonial section on my blog to see my first batch of wargames factory plastic zulus.


J Womack, Esq. said...

I will!