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29 February 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Won't get a chance to say that for another 4 years. That won't happen until the day after I turn 40. Yech.

And yes, that means that yesterday was my birthday. Got some really neat stuff, including a 15mm Colonial gunboat from the Missus. Whee! Its big and its cool and I totally don't have time to mess with it right now. But Spring Break is coming soon...

Anyway, I hope your Leap Day was good.

Last chance at the poll! It ends tonight!

See you all in March.

27 February 2008

Photostats of the 1st Gonzales Foot

A small patrol of the 1st Gonzales Foot on Patrol. Note the native tent in the background. Careful search of the premises yielded no contraband, and the nomadic Martian family was left in peace.

Twenty minutes later, one member of the patrol, Private Ferdinand Schlinke was killed by sniper fire from the rocks.

Regimental Sergeant Major Cox accompanied this patrol at the request of Colonel Ernest Anderson. Anderson was concerned for the safety of the patrol and the relative inexperience of Lieutenant Harald Godwinson, nominally in command of the patrol.

Lieutenant Godwinson, pictured above, distinguished himself in the brief action against the sniper, receiving a serious wound to his left arm. He continued to direct his troops and himself moved across open territory, firing his revolver in order to draw the sniper's fire, and allowing Sharpshooter Rogelio Resendez to flank the sniper. One gunshot later, the sniper had been eliminated.

Upon returning to camp, Lieutenant Godwinson refused treatment until his men were cared for. RSM Cox's report to the colonel recommended no further 'babysitting' was needed for young Godwinson.

Additional photostats are now available of the Venusian primitives.

In the background can be seen 3 Platoon, C Co., the 42nd Highlanders (Black Watch). Apologies for the terrible photostat composition - it was rushed and straight off the workbench.

Finally, before I go, I want to wish a Very Happy Birthday to Susan, the lovely wife of my good friend Jim whom I mention on here frequently. She is exactly one day older than myself.

26 February 2008

Two projects done! (well, almost)

Greetings friends.

This journal is becoming something of a bore for many of you, I fear. But, in the hopes that some of you enjoy the "What I am Working On" nature of the journal, I shall continue. Perhaps in the near-ish future I will also add some more to the Publications area. I know that a few things have been modified since last I posted documents to that section. Maybe this weekend.

The Texicans are finished but for their protective clear coat. Twelve stout Republic of Texas lads, ready to march onto the table. I'll post photostats soon.

The first of the Venusians is ready as well. These fellows fight in both scales that I game in. They make HUGE Venusian lizardmen for the 15/18mm VSF and sort of small ones (if a bit heavily built) for the 25/28mm VSF. For these troops I used Games Workshop Skinks that I purchased already painted some months ago from a telephonic auction site that is quite the rage these days. A few touchups, some base work (very little) and there you have it: ten Venusian Lizardmen of the more primitive sort.

One tent for the Martian nomads has been prepared quite satisfactorily, and a second is in the works. Still waiting to get started on that second Johnny gun. Where does all the time go?

I have looked as well on a new telephonic auction site, http://www.wargamesmarket.com/. Please take a moment to check them out, as they are quite specific in supporting this daft hobby of ours. I've bid on a few things, though, so please don't take them from me! It would be terribly rude, don't you know? Not - perhaps - sabers at dawn, but certainly Something That Simply Isn't Done.

Also, I have been re-reading the novels of Mister H. G. Wells recently. My eldest son has a long-term assignment through the school to read several of an author's books and do a variety of reports and projects of sorts over the various novels. Greyson (the eldest lad, that is) chose Mr. Wells as his author. Other than that poppycock about tentacled Martians (Good Lord! Everyone knows Martians are red skinned humanoids! What nonsense and stuff!), I have quite thoroughly enjoyed the tales of Prendick, Moreau, Griffen and the rest.

Good rest to you all.

P.S. Jim, please wish Susan a 'Happy Birthday' for all of us if you read this tomorrow. I know Chan plans to call her tomorrow, but Dane is off to the dentist for a few extractions and fillings. She might get too wrapped up in that and forget to call.

23 February 2008

The Texicans are Coming!


I am sure you will be utterly shocked to learn that I have begun another project, with one or two still unfinished projects on my workbench.

But I have. I am working on the first unit of ten Texican infantry, from the late 1800s. They are in the new 'butternut' uniforms that you and I would name 'kharkee.' You know, the same color our good Sikhs wear on the Northwest Frontier. Ah, Peshawar... What? Oh, never mind that. What happens in Peshawar, remains in Peshawar.

I was in a minor horseless coach accident again last night. For the second time in three weeks, some fool failed to control his own vehicle and plowed into mine, which was sitting at a complete stop. Twice, I say! Damned fools on the roads today. The children and I are fine, as was the driver of the other coach, a cargo vehicle of some kind. Fortunately, he was at least financially responsible enough to insure his inability to properly conduct his vehicle!

Enough for now. The lady of the house is calling and there are Things To Be Done. An update of the Pledge count is imminent - keep posted if you're of a mind to track progress liek I am this year.

19 February 2008

Current Poll

No one seems to think that the landship will end up kilted, I suppose.

A Pledge Update

Martian reinforcements are ready for action, with another nine that should be ready tomorrow! Check the updated Pledge count!

This means that I can purchase more lead, right? Well, not really, as I still have a huge backlog of Martians to paint. Probably another 30 or so until I have all that I currently own painted. Plus Jim's Scots, who are currently being worked into the rotation. All coats are red, all helmets white, stockings white and black and red checked, kilts blue (plaid not completed), sporrans white with three black tufts... on their way to Black Watch plaid!

Also worked on some 15mm Texicans. Not quite finished with the first 4, but I'll be presenting you lads with photostats of a firing line in a few days, I believe. Perhaps even by the next journal entry, as they seem to be running one every two or three days at this point.

I would like to take this chance to thank you for your continued readership, but please make some more comments. I crave feedback, on anything at all that is posted. Tell me if this journal has gotten ho-hum. If my painting lacks refinement, disparage it! have any good ideas of your own? I'll be glad to post them and cite you as a reference.

I need to find a way to allow others to post on here as well. I have a few people whom I trust not to ruin my little project here that I think would be a welcome and fun to read addition.

17 February 2008

Historical Accuracy? Pfaugh! We're playing on Mars!

My good friend Jim and I were talking this evening over port and cigars after a fine meal, and the topic of 'historical accuracy' in uniforms came up. I thought perhaps you fellows (and ladies!) might be interested in my thoughts on this matter.

Certainly, it should be apparent which side your small lead soldiers are on - this is quite important. But I feel that a dogged insistence on absolute accuracy in painting is a bit too much to ask. For some of our noble fellow-hobbyists, it seems that it is all that matters. Not I.

In particular, I pretty well always paint Colonial-era (and as an extension, VSF) British in the red coat and blue trousers. I know perfectly well that Her Majesty's infantry changed from that uniform in 1879-80 to the kharkee coat and trousers. I acknowledge that the kharkee (or butternut, as our Southron friends would name it) is much more practical than the red coat. But dash it all, it lacks style. So, unless I purchased the miniatures previously painted (something I rarely do), my British soldiers will be in red. Sepoys and native contingent might appear in kharkee, and the Martian Sepoys are in fact, uniformed thusly. But their British officers and NCOs are in glorious red.

I have even been known to mix Sudan-era British with Zulu War-era British, who lack puttees of all things! Now, not in the same unit (that way lies madness, I assure you!), but within the same army, most certainly!

Jim is a big fan of Napoleonics as well, and we will probably move into that era in the near to middling future. Perhaps 2009. And we have agreed that we shan't overly worry if the lace on the 18th Foot is yellow rather than white and the piping that was supposed to be leaf green is, in fact, more of a kelly green. Good sense shall prevail.

Naturally, just to be contrary, I am constantly asking what the right colors are for a certain period of this or that. But just because I know what the proper colors are does not mean that I feel bound to use them - I may opt for an earlier or later color scheme.

Finally, for the record, I got nothing finished today. I did get a bit of basing worked on, and actually applied a bit of paint to those 25mm Minifigs Scots of Jim's, but nothing finished. For that reason, the Pledge Counter remains unchanged - I only modify it when a miniature or piece of terrain is ready for the tabletop.

Good evening gentlemen.

Dash it all!

What a bother! The memsahib graciously offered to babysit our niece for the entire weekend while her brother and his wife move. All well and good, I suppose, but a man can't get any work done while an ill-disciplined five-year old is running about the house.

Perhaps this evening some good work will be done. The Martian levy is near completion, and should be ready for action by next weekend at the latest. That should give four units of Johnny Martian, two Regulars and two militia, plus a gun. It is conceivable that I could get a second gun and an additional unit of Regulars ready by next week. These units, of course, are set for the wonderful G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules.

I've twenty members of the French Foreign Legion ready to go, and my chum Jim has a batch of twenty Jocks as well. Now if I can get Her Majesty's stout English lads ready, we can have a go sometime soon. Then, of course, I'll be needing to purchase some of the Kaiser's Schutztruppen as well, and some Japanese. And more Martian Native Contingent troops, probably painted as both French and German colonial troops. Naturally, the Germans would have askaris, but what would the French call theirs? Tiralleurs Martiane?Already have the Texicans, just need to finish painting them and... Well, you can see that I have a very full plate for the next few months.

I think that I mentioned sending some miniatures to be painted. I am still looking into the price of shipping halfway around the globe. Egads, for a few miniatures, its quite high. But as I shall probably never get around to painting them myself, I suppose it would be even more wasteful to have the lead just sit there.

15 February 2008

Photostats at Last!

I greet you tonight with evidence of the progress on preparing Her Majesty's Prince Royal-class steam landship, HMS Albert.

As you can see, the Bertie as her crews call her has been painted in a blue not too dissimilar from the cavalry service. She also sports a St. George's Cross on one of her front armored panels.

Bertie's Scots engineers have added a larger St. Andrew's Cross to the roof panels as well. Unfortunately, they were a bit careless in the drunken celebration of their paint job and managed to damage the landship already. The starboard rifle was broken clean off at the swivel when Sergeant of Engineers David Abercrombie fell off the top of the vehicle and caught himself on the way to the hard packed dirt floor on the rifle barrel. Sapper Abercrombie has, of course, been reduced in rank for his negligence, and shall have his pay stopped until he can pay for a replacement weapon to be shipped from Earth.

More photostats shall be provided as work is completed on this mammoth scale project.

13 February 2008

Ah... Love is in the air...

Tomorrow being the Feast of St. Valentine and all, love and romance permeate the air. The memsahib has received her flowers thanks to the good folks at ProFlowers. Quite satisfied. And, gentlemen, we all know what that means for tonight, right?

Right! It means I get to do some work without hearing about how I never spend any time with her in the evenings! What else would it mean?

So, let us be thankful for this holiday of love, designed to prop up the revenues for greeting card, jewelry, flower and candy companies. Ah, the scent of money as all this red stuff makes them green. Not that I am opposed to profit, but let's just be honest about what we're doing.

I have nearly completed the Martian reinforcements, and then, lo and behold, I found an additional group of Guard infantry with Guns and a second cannon! Forgotten lead, always a good thing to find. The Pledge is holding well, and I will update my Pledge Log this weekend. Might even actually get a few 25/28mm minis done. I also found some Minifigs 25mm Scots taht I owe a friend of mine for something like two years now. (Sorry Jim!) Maybe I'll get them finished up in a week or two. That would be just in time for my 36th birthday celebration on the 28th of this month.

Alright, I admit its not the most entertaining of journal entries. The landship is coming, though. Photostats this weekend, I promise! Until next time, have a wonderful day tomorrow, and be sure to remind the lady in your life why you're the gentleman in hers.

11 February 2008

Some progress at last.

Feeling much better, if not quite tip-top shape, so I got a bit of work done about the workbench today. Took the day off, don't you know, had a million things to do: get one of hte little nippers off to the doctor, renew my license, a bit of light maintenance about the manor house, and so on. Gives one quite a feeling of accomplishment to do it one's self, rather than have the servants take care of it.

At any rate, there are now twenty Martian troops fully clothed. Their bits of brass harness are taken care of as well. Their breechclouts are a uniform dark blue in color. Actually, the fabric reminds me of Imperial German uniform blue, now that I think on it. Those damnable Prussians may be up to their usual tricks again. A bit more metalwork and some leatherwork, a touchup here and there, and these lads shall be ready for shading. Next weekend, I think.

The landship is progressing as well. More details on that when its finished. I do love to string an audience along, don't you know?

Kinetographs last night

Watched a futuristic war film last night, set in the 1940's, I believe. Americans fighting in France against the Germans. The plot was a bit complicated, called for saving one young man because his three brothers had all been killed in battle at the same time in this great war. Irish boy, if the name's any hint: James Frances Ryan.

Good show, however. The German landships were rather small, but surprisingly powerful I must say. Didn't see their smokestacks, however, so I am curious as to how they were powered.

The ending scene was very powerful. Quite choked me up. Feeling better now, and shall probably get some good work done this afternoon.

09 February 2008

I've Been Absolutely Worthless...

...for three days, gentlemen.

I still have a bit of a bug, but at least the fever's down somewhat!

For goodness' sake, my last journal entry was begun three days ago and only just now been posted! Damn this Venusian Sinus Fever! Never should have gone to that wet hellhole. Oh certainly, the dinosaur hunting was a grand lark, mind you, but between the belligerent natives, the Kaiser's presence in the best hunting areas and the fevers, it just wasn't worth it. The new Holland and Holland worked out well, though. Bagged a pair of deino's (deinonychus), a clubtail (ankylosaurus), and a truly inspiring three-horn (triceratops) bull. Can't wait to mount that trophy on the wall. Horns four and a half feet long, what!

Haven't done any work at all on any project. The landship has barely received any paint, and the Johnnies are getting restless on the table. Twenty of them have base skin tones, but virtually nothing more. But at least the Major General has agreed to compromise on the landship. Blue she will be, with one panel painted for St. George. The Scots engineers who have been re-assembling it have a rather sneaky look about them, so I fear they may be up to something. Well, whenever they finish up, I shall endeavour to make photostats available.

Until then, dear friends and readers, its off to the bathhouse to sweat out the last of these ill humors from Venus. Give me nice, dry Mars any time.

06 February 2008

1,000 Visitors! Port and Cigars for All!

A milestone reached! I'm honored that some of you seem to enjoy coming to see what random musings I shall ponder on a semi-daily basis.

The reinforcements mentioned recently are coming along. One of the main difficulties is that the Major General wants the landship painted in red and white, with a St. George's Cross, while the crewmen insist that it was supposed to be painted blue.

Only time shall tell how this conundrum shall be solved.

03 February 2008

Mr Wells' Book Has it All Wrong!

Of course, he's just a fantasist. What would he know of the real Mars? Never been out of earshot of Big Ben tolling the hour, I shouldn't wonder!

My eldest boy finished his silly novel this afternoon. What rubbish! Tentacled Martians - has anyone seen a tentacled Martian, I ask you? And this nonsense about heat rays and cylinders launched from Mars to invade Earth? All backwards, isn't he? We've invaded them, brought them into our civilized and enlightened empire, haven't we? Still, the boy enjoyed the read.

As more important matters go, I must report the completion of 19 wily Pathans (Stone Mountain). The 20th was wiliest of the lot, having successfully hidden himself in the workspace, so similar to his rock strewn Afghan hills for over a week! Only discovered the little bugger was missing when I finally counted little be-turbanned heads, and came up one short! Ten minutes of searching finally yielded his hiding spot: beneath the edge of an old palette.

I've adjusted one portion of the journal as well. The Painting Count formerly in the left hand marginalia has been made into a Pledge Monitor. If you don't know about the Pledge, you haven't been reading this for long. To date, I have painted more than I have purchased. God grant me the fortitude to maintain this pledge - so long as I avoid those dens of temptation known in some nefarious circles as 'conventions,' I believe I can prevail.

Until next time, dear readers... at which point I should be able to announce a few milestones!

Many Happenings...


Fill your snifters, light your cigars and lean back to peruse this journal and the many other fine records similar to it upon the telephonic difference engine weave. We are rapidly approaching two milestones, though one is a minor thing. The fiftieth post is nigh upon us, as my 1,000th visitor. Exciting times we live in, yes?

Today's schedule includes final touches on almost 20 Pathans and finishing off the first batch of 11 pavises. I'll also be priming the new Steam Landship and Imperial Martians. I'm thinking both will be finished by next weekend. The Martians in particular should take little time.

I'll also be uploading some additional work on the history of the Republic of Texas. For now, we shall remain Terrestrial. In future weeks or months, as schedules allow, I shall be working on an alternate alternate history, one in which the planets are in man's reach in the late 19th Century.

Well gents, enjoy the brandy and cigars, poke about a bit by all means. Granted, there are no risque shots of barely-clad Cyprians in here, but then, those are hardly difficult to find on a difference engine's viewing screen, are they? Rather common, don't you think?

02 February 2008

Reinforcements Have Arrived!

Thanks to Mark over at Scale Creep (check them out at http://www.scalecreep.com/ - great to do business with) for dispatching reinforcements so rapidly. An additional unit of regular Martian infantry, armed with swords (Black Hat's 18mm Imperial Martians with Swords) and their command, complete with standard, horn and drum, shall soon assist the Emerald Legion. Being regulars, they are unarmored, but just as eager for a fight, and much lighter on their feet.

For Her Majesty's forces, a Prince Royal-class Heavy Steam Landship has been assembled. Once it's ordnance is mounted and it receives a protective coating of paint, it will be ready for battle! (Again, a Black Hat product, the heavy tank with the wheel kit)

Photostats shall be disseminated in a timely manner, I assure you.

01 February 2008

01 February 2008

Again, gentlemen, I apologize for the dull title. Nothing terribly witty to say, I suppose. Must have used it all on the little blighters this week.

I'll need to post a new poll. I think that it shall be a once a month proposition from now on. Any suggestions would be marvelous, and all will be seriously considered.

Speaking of polls, the most recently finished poll shows that most of my few readers (at least those that bothered to vote!) feel that "Native Contingent" is the proper term for my Martian troops in service to the White Queen. Personally, I think I prefer sepoys. I will definitely not be tagging them as askaris anymore, unless they serve the Queen's grandson Willy.