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29 May 2013

Yet more Amphibian/Reptilian Foes!

   The good gentlemen at Khurasan have warned us of the impending approach of a terrifying new amphibian threat...

15mm, and lovely.

Swarms of Venusian Lizardmen!

   I found these the other day, and forgot to mention them. I think they are absolutely worth mentioning for anyone considering 6mm VSF, especially if you plan to head to Venus or the depths of the Amazonian or African rainforests. They are produced by Microworld, and like all 6mm figures, are pretty inexpensive for the number of minis you are receiving.
Ankylosaur Ballista. 3/$5.50

Armored Brachiosaur. $12.00

Ceratopsid Guard. 2 poses, 20 ea. 40/$10

Command Group. 6 ea., except mounted leader (2) (26 total)/$5

Archer. 60/$10

Spearmen. 60/$10

Triceratops Battlewagon. 2/$6.50
Optional Shaman Topper for Triceratops (included)

Lizard Ogres. 2 poses, 8 ea. 16/$9
Look like Anthropoid Ankylosaur

Closeup of Officer from Command pack

Pachycephalosaurus Cavalry. 2 poses, 10 ea. 20/$10
Lizardmen Warriors. 2 poses, 30 ea. 60/$10
   After I get back from Historicon, I can foresee a solid $100 purchase here. For that, I imagine I will have an entire army. Not shabby.

28 May 2013

A VSF-suitable 15mm OGRE Mk.III?

   Part of the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter going on for about 5 more days. I pledged a dollar just so I could get this for 55 more as an add-on. I think it makes for a good Mk.III OGRE substitute in VSF terms. One Main Battery, four secondary, and a load of AP (Machineguns). No missiles, and two too many secondary batteries. Maybe convert the midships secondary turrets into rocket batteries?

21 May 2013

Mod. 13 British Forces Plan - 28mm

   A fine spring afternoon in London, at Horse Guards, a meeting of Important Personages of the Realm. After a fine luncheon, the meeting begins.
   "Ahem! Pardon me, gentlemen. If you will all please take your seats for the briefing? Thank you. Welcome to the Ministry of Defense's briefing on force availability and build up plans for Her Majesty's Imperial interests in the solar system. We will be discussing today what forces we have, and those which we intend to establish in the coming year. Budgetary constraints may restrict this goal somewhat. Everyone has their drink topped up? Good. Waiters, you are dismissed. Corporal, please secure the door?"
   "Now, if you will please open your briefing envelope, breaking the seal - you have all signed your Official Secrets Act Notice, yes? - we can proceed. Note that the unit entries are color coded. Green indicates units already in place. Yellow indicates units that are in process, and an approximate percentage of completion will follow the line item. Orange indicates units for which the requisite equipment has been acquired, but not yet prepared for service in any fashion. Red indicates a unit that is, at this time, purely theoretical."
   "Another notice, before we really dive in to the meat of the report. The organisation formerly styled the Royal Artillery Research and Development Center has been replaced by the Royal Special Weapons and Ordnance Research Division. They currently equip two platoons and a field battery for testing devices under actual field conditions."
30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot, 1st Battalion
  Company B, No. 5 Platoon
    Corporal (x2)
    Private (x16) [xx%]
17th Lancers, No. 1 Squadron
  B Troop (Mechanickal)
    Mk. I Sentinel (x1)
17th Lancers, No. 1 Squadron
  B Troop (Aerocavalry)
    Lancers (x8) [12%]
1st Victoria's Landing Rifles, 1st Battalion
  Company A, No. 1 Platoon
    Lieutenant (British)
    Sepoy (x18)
Royal Artillery, No. 5 Brigade
  Battery N [Replacement by Empress Miniatures pending]
    9-pdr gun
    Crew (x4)
Royal Special Weapons and Ordnance Research Division
  Field Platoon No. 1 (Special Weapons) [Replacing Praetorians with Victoria Miniatures]
    Private (x8)
    Portable Gatling
    Caloric Ray Emitter
  Field Test Battery B [Awaiting delivery of replacements, Curious Constructs Kickstarters]
    Tesla Gun
    Photonic Cannon
    Dual Automatic Cannon (3-pdr)
    Galvanic Gatling Gun
    Revolving Rocket Array
    Heavy Rocket Tube

Royal Aeronaval Service
  HMAS Dragonfly, Aphid-class airship
Royal Navy Landship Service
  HMLS WalesKingdom-class landship

22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot, 2nd Battalion
  Company A, No. 3 Platoon [Venusian Service Uniform]
    Corporal (x2)
    Private (x16)
Coldstream Guards Regiment, 1st Battalion
  Company C, No. 8 Platoon
    Corporal (x2)
    Private (x16)

17th Lancers, No. 1 Squadron
   B Troop (Mechanickal)
     Mk. II Sentinel (x1)
14th Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry (Ferozepore Sikhs), 1st Battalion
  Company B, No. 6 Platoon
    Lieutenant (British)
    Naik (x2)
    Sepoys (x15)
43rd Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry (Gurkhas), 1st Battalion
  Company A, No. 2 Platoon
    Lieutenant (British)
    Sepoys (x7)
Royal Artillery, No. 5 Brigade
   Battery L
     9-pdr gun
     Crew (x4)
Royal Special Weapons and Ordnance Research Division
  Field Platoon No. 2 (Skywalkers)
    Private (x8)

  Field Test Battery A [Awaiting delivery of replacements, Curious Constructs Kickstarters]
    Tesla Gun
    Photonic Cannon
    Dual Automatic Cannon (3-pdr)
    Galvanic Gatling Gun
    Revolving Rocket Array
    Heavy Rocket Tube

Royal Aeronaval Service
  HMAS Locust, Aphid-class airship [same airship as Dragonfly, different planet]

Royal Navy Landship Service
   HMLS Ireland, Kingdom-class landship [same landship, different planet]

[Editor's Note: These plans are subject to change. But it gives an idea of what is going on in my madness with just one force of my massive plans and collection. I have more Brits I want to field in 15mm and 6mm, as well as Dystopian Wars Fleet Scale. Then add in other nationalities, some in multiple scales as well: Germans, Texians, French, Russians, Japanese, Turks, Canal Martians, High Martians, Lizardmen, Parrotmen, Octomen, Confederated Italian States, not-one-but-two Mad Scientist factions, Americans...]

Some new(-ish) Selections (Hiding in my Drafts)

   I spent a few mintues perusing the Reaper and Wyrd Miniatures online shops, and found the following items which I thought might be of interest. Many of them are suitable for multiple scales as automatons.

Reaper: Dr. Darius Hellstromme, 59003

Reaper: Mad Scientist, 59014

Reaper: Mad Scientist (Female), 59009

Reaper: Xiufang, 50260

Wyrd: WYR1017

 Part of the Guild Faction.
Wyrd: WYR1028
Guild Faction
Interesting as an Automaton bodyguard, perhaps - the large shield used to protect the patron more than the construct.




Arcanist Faction

Arcanist Faction: Soul Miner

   I see this being used for a 6mm large tunneler vehicle.

Arcanist Faction: Large Steampunk Arachnid

      Not my favorite steam spider. But big.

Arcanist Faction

   This fellow could be a major hero for an automaton force. I like others better, but it is certainly a striking mini that would be a centerpiece figure.

Arcanist Faction

An alternate to the original steam arachnid swarm. Personally, I think these are too sleek, more sci-fi than steampunk. But still a nice figure.

20 May 2013

HQC Kickstarter Update

   With 24 days still to go, this project is already 84% funded. Terry and his minions have been slaving away at stretch goals and the like, too.
   From TMP, regarding stretch goals on the Kickstarter, Terry had the following to say:
  I'd like to take a couple of minutes to talk about our first stretch goal. This will be the Fighting Machines and Artillery book. This is our second technical book to support the Hive, Queen and Country universe. In this, we will provide data for around 20 historical vehicles, such as steam-traction engines, and some of the early fighting-machine concepts. In addition, we will be designing dozens of Victorian Science Fiction fighting-machines, steam tanks, walking machines, mono-wheels, and other fascinating devices, which will flood the markets and battlefields of our alternate Earth, Mars and Venus. We will also have over 100 historical artillery pieces, from 37mm automatic cannons to Mallet's 36-inch mortars. Late Victorian period artillery has been very poorly documented. We will fill that gap with data on weapons that saw service between 1880 and 1905. Little-known weapons like the U.S. Army's 7-inch siege mortar, the Spanish 8cm Sotomeyer, the Japanese 75mm Type 31 field gun, that have long been forgotten, will be detailed with statistics and illustrations. We will also "steampunk" things up with numerous "experimental" pieces and "scientific artillery" systems. To round the artillery section out, we will bring some of the more interesting weapons from the Great War back in time for use against the deadly enemies that the brave men and women of Earth will face. So we will include field, mountain, cavalry and horse artillery railway guns, naval landing pieces, machine cannons, siege guns, and rocket artillery.
   If you are a VSF gamer, this will have plenty for you. If historical gaming is your bag, we can help feed your thirst for accurate historical data. Let everyone in your community (historical or science fiction) know about this project, please!

    So what is the great big bonus? With Arun's skill as a draftsman and the availability of converting 3D drawings to 3D printed models, that means that as a side effect, all the artillery and vehicles we do drawings of will be available
as 3D printed models!

The Flying Machines book generated over 100 different models in scales ranging from 15mm to 1:600th.

    This means that for free, the wargaming and modeling communities will get dozens of models of fighting machines and artillery that have never been available before. If you have wanted to field the United States Army Siege Train from the Spanish-American War, you will finally be able to. Everyone can put 3.2-inch breechloaders on the table, but up to now only a scratchbuilder could deploy 5-inch siege rifles!

   If you have a favorite artillery piece or primitive armored vehicle, let us know. We might have already included them, but you might have one we haven't seen yet. Also look at our rewards. There is the opportunity to have us flesh out your design! These will be certain to be done in 3D drawings, so you will get to put them on the game tables as custom-designed 3D miniatures. Everyone likes to personalize their armies - what could be more personal than an armored vehicle you designed that is custom-drawn and 3D-printed for you?

For the record, I have no personal stake in this project. No money, and no part of it is from my work. Just doing Terry a solid here.

14 May 2013

The Bug Boys are Coming!

   Ahem, that is to say, a trooper of the 17th Lancers, B Squadron (Aerocavalry), has been sighted. More commonly known as the "Dragonfly Lancers", the Aerocavalry ride into battle astride a mechanickal dragonfly, powered by handwavium and held aloft by unobtainite. They bravely (some would say 'recklessly') charge right at enemy aerial vessels, hoping to strike home with their long, spar torpedo-like Grantham Patent Explosive Lances. They can also make daring low-level attacks against landships and the like, skimming just over the terrain in a dashingly bold manner. The landing struts of the mount can also be used to carry cargo while in flight, and the whole thing can hover in place at need. Quite the thing for delivering desperately needed supplies to remote outposts.

[Editor's Note: Finally, one down, nine to go. This is my prototype Rough Rider from Victoria Miniatures, painted in 17th Lancer uniform, mounted on a Mage Knight mechanical dragonfly. My only complaint is that the resin spears warped in shipping and have to be repaired. Oh, and I need more pieces. Better get to ordering!]

08 May 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front

  Another interesting Kickstarter project has begun, and is off to a rousing start! All Quiet on the Martian Front is a 15mm scaled War of the Worlds sort of game. The setting is in early twentieth century, and the starting forces available will be American and Martian, although other forces are in planning.
  The miniatures look quite nice, and you can get some as a backer reward starting at $80.00.

  As per usual with Kickstarter, the more you pledge, the more rewards you get. And it seems like a pretty good deal, as well. Eli Arndt, over at I See Lead People, is getting into it pretty deeply. I trust his judgment on All Things Small But Cool. However, I am not sure that I am going to get in on this Kickstarter because, well, I have been backing a lot of them in the last few months and my budget is pretty well tapped, at least until Historicon.

   The Kickstarter page can be found here.


Zeppelin of Zombies!

Good for either Pulp or VSF gmaing, and inspired by photos of this 28mm zeppelin table:

It's quite big, isn't it?

Notice the model of the zeppelin - epic touch of detail!

The Scenario:

  On your way home from an safari in the picturesque highlands of Bongolesia, a problem arises aboard the zeppelin carrying your group. One of the servants was apparently infected with a terrible tropical disease, and has died. Sadly, he did not stay dead, but has risen as a zombie. Infecting several passengers and crewmembers, the plague has spread throughout the vessel. Now, they all suffer from an insatiable hunger for flesh. Your flesh. Your tasks, in order, are:
  1. Gather weapons. Luckily, you have just returned from safari, so there are guns in the baggage.
  2. Keep the control cabin zombie-free until the pilots land the airship.
  3. Make your way out of the zeppelin.
  4. Finally, to prevent the spread of the infection, you must destroy the zeppelin and kill any zombies which escape the burning wreckage.
Good luck. You're going to need it.

07 May 2013

Colonel Gravis Artillery

   I backed Colonel Gravis's artillery piece Kickstarter, which ended yesterday. While originally designed for a Grim Future of War in the Fortieth Millennia, Gravis has a distinct Victorian feel to his products, because he loves Praetorians. At any rate, here are a few pictures of the pieces i will be receiving. These are from the Kickstarter updates, so they may not be exactly what ends up arriving in June, but they should be pretty close. I will be receiving three carriages and three of each barrel except the Nebelwerfer. I ordered only one of those. Also, I will be getting six crewmen. With shipping, it ran me about $81 for all - not a bad deal at all.

Double Barrel Autocannon

Gatling Cannon. I love the drum feed.

Tesla Cannon
Probably my favorite.

The Nebelwerfer

The Rocket Tube. Comes with spare rockets!

Anti-tank Lascannon
The Original Design.

   Colonel - I know I pulled these from the Kickstarter website without your explicit permission. However, since I believe you intend to offer these for sale to the general public as well, please consider this more a form of fanboy gushing and advertising and less an attempt to hijack your IP. Which it isn't. Oh, and for the record, the sculptor of these magnificent pieces is Kit Burrows.

06 May 2013

Kickstarter for Hive Queen and Country!

   The World Beneath the Clouds is the Venus supplement to Terry Sofian's Hive, Queen and Country Victorian Science Fiction setting. To help launch the product, there is a Kickstarter project running right now. You may find it here.
Some spiffingly good art!
   I have been remiss in mentioning this not because I lack support for HQC, but because pressures of school and family have been more pressing recently. I beg that Mr. Sofian accept my apologies for the delay.