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26 November 2014

Aethergraph 3/3 delayed until December

Sorry gentlemen. I thought i would have it all done by today, but life sometimes gets in the way of unpaid hobby stuff. In this case, my wife is having a surgical procedure tomorrow morning (yes, just how we all dream of spending Thanksgiving, but I am thankful she should be much better after the procedure).

Stay tuned.

19 November 2014

Canine Automatons

   Found these whilst perambulating aimlessly across the telephonic interweb of differencing engines. This blighter has some canine automatons for sale. An American chap, obviously, selling them off at 3 for the price of $7.00. He's some cats as well, but I'm an Englishman, not my spinster Aunt Amelia.

28mm scale
Crossover Miniatures Robo-Dogs

12 November 2014

Progress on The Aethergraph Vol.3 #3

   Progress is continuing. I have some really great articles that have been submitted for this upcoming issue. I am still hoping to have it out before Thanksgiving - I only have a couple of pages to fill.

   I may have previously mentioned, but this issue is dedicated primarily to In Her Majesty's Name. This set of rules has become my go-to for 28mm skirmish VSF. I still prefer GASLIGHT for larger scale battles, but for a very few figures, I have really gotten fond of IHMN. 

   Of course, I am also proud of the work I did on When The Navy Walked and the supplements. And I enjoy Dystopian Wars, too. I still don't get why they did Dystopian Legions in 32mm scale. Nice figures, but I haven't bought a single one. Just too darned big, and with four scales of VSF already, I don't need to add a fifth.

11 November 2014

Zombtober photos

   Wow... these nasty fellows arrived very late to the Zombtober party.

      Actually, the minis were finished by the first week of October, and the photos were taken the last week of October. It's just taken me this long to post the photos.

   However, here at long last are the Todtruppen - re-vivified Prussian jaegers, serving the mysterious Society of Thule even in death!

The brass peg on the left arm is part of the Revivifier that reanimates the Todtruppen.

I really like the bare foot for some reason.

All four. From the Society of Thule boxed set.

10 November 2014