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24 December 2010

Clash in the Sands

   We have recently been given a report by an anonymous source within Government that a minor skirmish between our valiant forces and the nefarious devices of Doctor Maton has taken place along the Victoria Landing - Shastapur road. Although the total number of forces was rather small on both sides, new technology developed by the Royal Artillery was brought to bear in the conflict.

   The enemy forces included, it is reported, Doctor Maton's main assistant, a Turk known only as Mister Fez. He led a troop of mechanickals, along with one of the Doctor's fearsome Brass Soldaten warriors. In addition, a troop of Maton's filthy minions, two lightning gun snipers and the crew for an unwholesome weapon that uses poisonous black fumes to slay in a cowardly fashion.

   Our valiant troops were led by Captain Norfolk-Ingood, and a platoon of the 23rd Regiment of Foot. The platoon was supported by our newly developed "Automatic Repeating Cannon, Magazine Fed" and two heroes of the Royal Artillery Field Testing Platoon armed with Tesla Rifles. Finally, a flock of High Martian mercenaries acted as scouting forces for the platoon.

  Blood was spilt recklessly, and in the aftermath, smashed machinery and lifeless bodies littered the field. The end result was a draw, with only Tesla-armed snipers still in action alongside their officers. Rather than risk the deadly fire of the snipers, both commanders withdrew from the field.

20 December 2010

Secession Anniversary

 Today, our Confederate States friends celebrate the anniversary of the secession of South Carolina, the first state of their nation to declare itself independent of the United States. After a difficult, three year long struggle, the Confedrate States earned recognition from Her Majesty's Government. This came about for three primary reasons: British public reaction to the Trent Affair, a devastating blight on the cotton crop in India in 1863, and a promise of "gradual, eventual emancipation" of all slaves in the South from the Confederate Congress.

  British mill owners became desperate for a secure cotton supply from the Confederate States and pressured Parliament into recognition of the Confederacy to obtain it. The Trent Affair in November of 1861 and the Emancipation Resolution passed in the Confederate Congress in April of 1863 made the move politically possible, the former for the insult to British neutrality and sovereignty, the latter for lingering public oppostition in Britain regarding the institution of slavery.

  If you see any Confederates weaving slightly int eh streets of our fair city, wish them a Happy Secession Day. If you see any Americans, try to avoid them. In the Northern States, the date is commonly referred to as "Traitor's Day."

14 December 2010

More Awesome 28mm Minis

  I mentioned yesterday some Foundry figures that I really like for VSF. I thought I would show you which I meant. they also apparently have a sale on right now, so the figures are merely expensive, rather than nearly extortionate.

 The Deus Sister. One bad flying femme fatale. I think she would make a great trouble shooter for the Papal States.
Here's Foundry's Sherlock Holmes. I thought they had a Watson as well, but I can't seem to find him...

13 December 2010

Some Spiffing Models

  The following models are sold through the Lead Adventure Forum. I received an email about some new releases in the line a few days ago, but I suppose I had ignored the Forum for a while, because the entire line is new to me. They are in the popular 28mm scale, I believe (possibly even 30mm - not entirely sure, but I think 28mm). Notes for each idea I had seeing the following figures.

 Clyde is cool, but the standout in this paring is Bonnie. She would make a perfect mysterious femme fatale assistant for Doctor Maton. Clyde could be an assasin, I suppose, or a Champion of Good.

   I visualize these fellows as a sort of Constabulary for the Albertport Downstation. Downstations, like any ports, tend to attract hives of scum and villainy. These fellows look prepared to handle any such riff raff.

 Again, this is an unequal pairing. I like the top-hatted gentleman, but the better figure is the fellow with the mechanickal prosthetic arm. Another natural for a Maton minion, perhaps a Fenian?

  The line has other figures as well, but these are the ones that really grabbed my attention. I'll be looking forward with great anticiaption to new releases. I'll also be adding these to my lead pile when the holidays are through. A bit pricey ( I am figuring them to be about $9 per pack, minus shipping), but just excellent niche figures. I'll probably even work up a unit of ten bobbies. Maybe the tophatted gentlemen could be detectives of Scotland Yard, leading the peelers?

08 December 2010

Seeking Lead or Resin

Specifically, I would be interested in 1/300 - 1/600 waterline ships of the dreadnought era. Steam-powered, definitely. Prefer smaller classes of vessel: corvettes, frigates, maybe even light cruisers.

Die cast toys might also work, if in appropriate scale.

Please let me know if you have suggestions.

06 December 2010

Off to see Her Majesty...

 The memsahib, the young sahibs and I shall be off to London this month. We should be arriving on Boxing Day, so if there are massive crowds at the Heathrow Downport, you'll know why now! Just a short trip, only a few days in Old Blighty, but I think we'll all enjoy ourselves.

 In case I don't mention it again beforehand, I wish you all the merriest of Christmases. Please take a moment to recall the real meaning and reason for the season.

05 December 2010

When The Navy Walked, Core Rules II

At long last. After a year of everyone putting their hard work into it the When the Navy Walked Core II final edition is done!!! There is a color and a black and white pdf that I will be putting up for download on Wargamevault soon. In addition, BOTH the color and the b&w versions will be available for print on demand thanks to the efforts of our illustrious graphics layout guru! The final version of WTNW Core II features stunning original artwork by Eli Arndt and Arsenale Shipworks, full color photo spreads of VSF games in progress, a full 10 army lists depicting all of the great powers (except Japan), Quick Reference and Command Point Expenditure sheets, alphabetized Edges and Flaws and the History of the When the Navy Walked alternate Earth setting!


Originally posted by ArmchairGeneral.
[Editor's Note: I copied this from Eli's site, since Rob doesn't have posting rights here. Should probably fix that, but any rate, I thought the mention should be made. Full disclosure: I am the editor for this product.]