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24 December 2010

Clash in the Sands

   We have recently been given a report by an anonymous source within Government that a minor skirmish between our valiant forces and the nefarious devices of Doctor Maton has taken place along the Victoria Landing - Shastapur road. Although the total number of forces was rather small on both sides, new technology developed by the Royal Artillery was brought to bear in the conflict.

   The enemy forces included, it is reported, Doctor Maton's main assistant, a Turk known only as Mister Fez. He led a troop of mechanickals, along with one of the Doctor's fearsome Brass Soldaten warriors. In addition, a troop of Maton's filthy minions, two lightning gun snipers and the crew for an unwholesome weapon that uses poisonous black fumes to slay in a cowardly fashion.

   Our valiant troops were led by Captain Norfolk-Ingood, and a platoon of the 23rd Regiment of Foot. The platoon was supported by our newly developed "Automatic Repeating Cannon, Magazine Fed" and two heroes of the Royal Artillery Field Testing Platoon armed with Tesla Rifles. Finally, a flock of High Martian mercenaries acted as scouting forces for the platoon.

  Blood was spilt recklessly, and in the aftermath, smashed machinery and lifeless bodies littered the field. The end result was a draw, with only Tesla-armed snipers still in action alongside their officers. Rather than risk the deadly fire of the snipers, both commanders withdrew from the field.

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