What should I work on next?

27 September 2010

The Aethergraph, Vol 1, #2

   The second issue of The Aethergraph is now available!

  This issue is all about things that fly through the air, be they mechanickal, bestial, or human. It's even a bit longer than the first issue, a trend I would love to continue. Enjoy!

  And, as always, I am looking for new submissions! Especially anything roleplaying related or artwork, but battle reports, minis or rules reviews, anything that is steampunk or VSF-y would be appreciated!

  Look for Issue #3 sometime around Thanksgiving, hopefully.

19 September 2010

New Reptilians sighted...

   Reports from Khurasan indicate three new varieties of small reptilians have been discovered. the first, a race of lithe reptilian primitives:

  There are also some amphibians, which have apparently trained the dangerous terror birds as mounts...

   Finally, the last of the three species, and the most terrifying: a giant crocodilian race mounted on wooly rhinoceri!

[Editor's Note: I am going to have to break down and get these. I have been waffling on them for over a year now, and I think I will just have to get them. 15mm beauties from Khurasan...]

13 September 2010

Aethergraph Update

   The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second issue of The Aethergraph is almost done. Still only twelve pages in length, this issue does include material from a few readers/contributors. What's in it?
  • Popular Mechanicks
  • Clive's Register
  • Aerofauna
  • Texican's Diary on Venus
  • and more!
   This is our first themed issue as well, being dedicated to all things aerial! Naturally, there will be aerial articles in other issues as well, but this one is jam packed with the stuff! So, if you like to dream about steam in the sky, don't miss out on this one!

   Look for it in the next week or two, coming to a sidebar near you!

05 September 2010

Spiffing Work on an Aphid-style Craft

  My fellow aeronautical enthusiasts, I just discovered a smashing piece of aeronautical engineering being constructed, a replica of the reliable Aphid-class ironclad flyer. It can be found at Colonel Thorne's electro-journal location, here.

  The Colonel has other items of interest as well for those of us with our particular enthusiasm for recreating the military endeavours of our modern Steam era. I don't believe he woudl mind me showing a photostat of his works in progress, just to whet your appetites. Which, if they are remotely similar to my own, are near insatiable...

  In other news, a new Scudder has arrived from Parroom Station just today. Naturally, the entire crew needs a solid work-up, and the craft itself needs to be fitted out in appropriate colours, currently being the standard grey of typical Martian liftwood constructions.