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05 September 2010

Spiffing Work on an Aphid-style Craft

  My fellow aeronautical enthusiasts, I just discovered a smashing piece of aeronautical engineering being constructed, a replica of the reliable Aphid-class ironclad flyer. It can be found at Colonel Thorne's electro-journal location, here.

  The Colonel has other items of interest as well for those of us with our particular enthusiasm for recreating the military endeavours of our modern Steam era. I don't believe he woudl mind me showing a photostat of his works in progress, just to whet your appetites. Which, if they are remotely similar to my own, are near insatiable...

  In other news, a new Scudder has arrived from Parroom Station just today. Naturally, the entire crew needs a solid work-up, and the craft itself needs to be fitted out in appropriate colours, currently being the standard grey of typical Martian liftwood constructions.


Eli Arndt said...

Nice airship. If I could build somethign like that I'd have to make the weapons swapable to go back and forth between 40K and straight VSF.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I think he magnetized the weapon mounts so that they can be swapped in and out as you wish. Rare-earth magnets, a boon to the gaming community.