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13 September 2010

Aethergraph Update

   The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second issue of The Aethergraph is almost done. Still only twelve pages in length, this issue does include material from a few readers/contributors. What's in it?
  • Popular Mechanicks
  • Clive's Register
  • Aerofauna
  • Texican's Diary on Venus
  • and more!
   This is our first themed issue as well, being dedicated to all things aerial! Naturally, there will be aerial articles in other issues as well, but this one is jam packed with the stuff! So, if you like to dream about steam in the sky, don't miss out on this one!

   Look for it in the next week or two, coming to a sidebar near you!


Eli Arndt said...

Ha! And if you are me, you throw in a last minute submission and muck up the works.

Cronickain said...

I look foward to it mate!