What should I work on next?

14 July 2012

The Naked Celtic Wargame Society: The Steam Tank Project

   Worth looking at. I especially like the use of a panzergrenadier trailer... an idea that might get stolen.

The Naked Celtic Wargame Society: The Steam Tank Project: Prussian improvised steam tank. This is one of my latest WIP for the new Martian scenario.  My Prussians just did not have enough suppor...

06 July 2012

Interesting eBay finds

   Found these models when looking for a way to recreate the vehicle found in this TMP post. I thought the Triarch Stalker would make a good vehicle for a Mad Scientist bent on Domination of the Solar System.

Triarch Stalker (40K) Proxy / Alternative: $50 from here

SM / SoB Whirlwind Alternate: $16 from here.

Necron Scarab Alternate (x12): $10 from here.

   The eBayer who has these also has other interesting 40K proxies that could be used for VSF projects, I think. Worth a few seconds to take a peek, at any rate.

05 July 2012

Hospitals Suck

   Especially UTMB. If you are in the Houston area, stay out of these people's clutches if at all possible.

   My wife went in hospital for severe back pain and leg weakness last Saturday, released Tuesday but is essentially bed ridden and pretty dependent on me. This is why I have done no hobby work to report on to you all. She is doing better (a bit), but still not out of the woods. If you are the praying sort, please add her to your list (Chandra). Thanks.