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24 September 2015

By Jove! That's a Lot of Peelers!

   I finally finished these thirteen Bobbies and their associated infernium hound from the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter. So, now I have a force of flat-feet to harass Adventuring Companies and other ne'er-do-wells on the streets of Ol' Blighty! 

18 September 2015

Gorillas in the Gunsmoke

This here is Cactus Joe, a Gorilla Gunslinger. He's a crazy wild west mutant ape, armed with a pair of Colonel Colt's finest revolvers. He also wears a serape and chews a cigar. I like him.

But is he maybe too off the wall? Is that even possible in VSF? 

First thought is he could be used for one of Vardu's mutated minions. I definitely need to add to that group. I can't even really field a decent IHMN Company for him yet. Joe's actually more in period than good ol' Ape-X, who is currently dedicated as the evil scientist's bodyguard. This fellow might be more suitable.

Oh, and if you like Cactus Joe, you can get him here.

14 September 2015

New Martian Surface!

  Some nice American chaps who work in a cigar store have, for some strange reason, created this rather lifelike representation of the surface of Mars. The whorling red and ochre hues capture the essence of the deserts on this dying planet with startling accuracy.

  The product is available in a 4' x 6' configuration, for the quite reasonable sum of  about sixty-nine of your American dollars. Something every true aficionado of the Red Planet should plan to purchase, I should think.

  You may direct yourself to their telephonic store HERE.

[Editor's Note: I own a Cigar Box Battle Mat already, and like it a great deal. I will be ordering this as soon as funds are available. The material drapes well and is quite color-fast. It's also lightweight and doesn't seem to hold creases badly. I give it two thumbs way up.]

09 September 2015

Three Cheers for Her Majesty, the Queen!

Hip hip

Hip hip

Hip hip

   As of today, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has surpassed her great-great-grandmother Victoria I (God Bless Her!) as the longest reigning monarch in British history. Her Majesty's reign began in 1952, with the death of her father, King George VI. She has been Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for 23,226 days.

Her Majesty at work.

Probably my favorite photo of Her Majesty.

   Naturally, some one has to ruin the party. That someone is this fellow (and his pals).

Graham Smith

  Smug looking grumble grumble... Mr. Smith and his compatriots would like to do away with the monarchy. He's taken this occasion to call for an end to the hereditary succession. Could you not give it a rest for the day? Good taste doesn't allow me to describe my thoughts. It may seem strange that an American such as myself would think that's a terrible idea, but I'm also a historian, with a reverence for traditions. Heck, I'm an Aggie - and we are chock full of tradition.

  Anyway, enough about that guy. Congratulations to Her Majesty, and best wishes for her continued good health and long reign.

08 September 2015

Three Pages Shy

   That's all I need to finish up the next issue of The Aethergraph, plus a bit of editing.