What should I work on next?

16 January 2017

New Tracks

   Received in the post this afternoon, a small box of Battlefield in a Box railroad tracks. These will let me vary the layout a bit, adding switches, curves, and stop bunkers. Railroad being so very important in the Victorian Age, I thought this was a good purchase. Plus, they are already good to go out of the box, so more likely to see actual use.

14 January 2017

Christmas Gift of Terrain

   One thing I did obtain that is noteworthy for VSF is some new terrain. GF9 finally re-released their popular Badlands series of terrain, and I got two boxes for Christmas: the Plateau and the Tors. These will fit nicely in as Martian desert terrain, I think, and the best part is they are ready out of the box. I also ordered the Badlands Bluff a few days ago from Amazon to help fill in space.

   Back in October I attended the BROADSIDES! Gaming convention held aboard the Battleship TEXAS near my home. One of the vendors there carried Cigar Box Battle Mats, which I already had purchased one of at Historicon a while back. I really like these mats. I decided I wanted to upgrade my Martian terrain this year, so I bought one of the Red Planet 6'x4' cloths. I like it a lot, though I haven't used it in a game yet.

Still Haven't...

Still haven't done any VSF stuff since last October. To be fair, I haven't done much of anything gaming related.

So I'm not dead, I'm not on any sort of burn-out sabbatical... I've been utterly swamped with Real Life issues, from holiday travel and guests, to illness, to working a second job since early October.

I'm really hopeful that I will in fact be able to get some gaming in soon. Plan to play Zombicide Black Plague on Monday. It's not VSF, of course, but it's something. Then the next Saturday is supposed to be our regular gaming weekend. I may put on a game of IHMN. I really want to use that Quadcycle...