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26 August 2010

AAR: Sortie from Shastapsh

   Another journal of the affairs on Mars, The Shastapsh Chronicles, has details of an important battle here. Its been too long since we heard from these fine Correspondents on the war front. I was begining to think that something dreadful had happened to them.

25 August 2010

Steampunk Empire

   For those of you into all things steam-powered, you owe it to yourself to go to the Steampunk Empire. Why, the photos and pictures alone are worth your time, and there are many interesting folks out there. I find it stimulates the creative mind wonderfully.

13 August 2010

Headed for eBay...

   I have a few 25mm colonial British that are headed for eBay in the next day or so. But first I thought I would offer them up to you, dear friends. I could certainly use the money to finance further purchases...

   First is a painted box set of the RAFM "Soldiers of the Queen." They are in khaki, and the paint jobs rate, oh, about a 5/10. Nothing to be ashamed of, but nothing special. Good wargaming pieces. They are clear coated and based on washers. Comes with original box, all 20 minis. Oh, I bought them from Loren Wiseman, if that matters to anyone. Just an interesting tidbit. $25 plus shipping.

   Second is a group of 20 Old Glory (I think) 25mm British. Again, in khaki, and based on metal bases. The bases are not flocked on these, but the paint job is better than the RAFM minis. Again, $25 plus shipping.

   Finally, I have two Empress Miniatures Zulu War British ensigns which are surplus to my needs. Bare lead, with lead poles, no bases. $2 each, plus shipping. No picture - sorry...

   I will combine shipping. Prefer Paypal. Comment here or email me if interested.

11 August 2010

Popular Mechanicks, Issue 1

Nimbus Personal Unobtainite Aerial Conveyance Pod

Nimbus Personal Unobtainite Aerial Conveyance Pod
Piloted by Prince Frederich of Austria, hunting Martian Aerofauna

   Created by the gifted Italian mechanick, Giuseppe Ezzelino, the Nimbus is a personal conveyance that can carry a single individual through the skies at a terrific speed. The simple controls are easy enough for even a novice pilot to master quickly.

   Lift is generated, obviously, by galvanically-charged unobtainite crystals. Battery power for the unobtainite provides two hours of lift for a single individual. Thrust is generated by Nth Ray, copied from ancient Martian vessels of the Barsoomian period. This is the first privately available Nth Ray vessel to be offered on the market. The Nimbus is available through Ezzelino's building firm, Arsenale Shipyards. Pricing is such that if you need ask, you can not afford it. Arsenale Shipyards is also planning to construct a large vessel, tentatively named the Dreadhull.

[Editor's Note: At press time, each of these little beauties ran about $19. Kinda pricey, but they are neat. Personally, I think I would rather get a Skipray or a Dreadhull (when they are available). More bang for the buck, I think. But it might make a really cool device for your Mad Scientist leader to ride around upon.]

06 August 2010

Brigade Models Sale

Brigade Models, the makers of Aeronef ships, plus Iron Stars and Land Ironclads, is having a sale for one week. Until August 13th, you can have 15% off pretty much everything they make.
British Fleet (From Brigade Models website, w/o permission)

6-Aug-2010 Summer Sale - We tried a summer sale for the first time last year and it turned into a very successful event, so we thought we'd repeat it again this year. The format is very simple - 15% off everything we make, in all ranges. The only thing it doesn't cover is items we have to buy in such as books, bases and dice. The discount is deducted when you add an item to the shopping cart, the website still shows the full prices. The sale will run for one week, until next Friday (August 13th), so don't hang about !