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25 June 2014

700th Post Raffle

This is my 700th post on Victoria's Boys in Red!

We've been defending the British Solar Empire for years now, and in fits and starts. But the work goes on! It goes forward! A bit of assistance in the way of articles, art, ideas, house rules, etc. would help with the next issue of The Aethergraph (now scheduled for "Sometime in July").

Anyway, in order to properly celebrate the 700th post, I am going to hold the now-traditional gaming blog raffle!

So let me know if you are interested in some sort of mystery prize direct from the UK - I am headed there tomorrow! Send your entry to my gmail account: aethergraph@gmail.com. 

I will draw a name next Tuesday. That way, if the winner is in the UK, the post will be cheap cheap cheap! If the winner is in the US, I'll post it when I return on the 11th of July.

Good luck!

09 June 2014

6mm Aetherbattalion Assault Team

  This photo was my last entry in the infamous Lead Painters' League contest for 2014. 6mm Baccus infantry, Epic 40K Termites for the assault vehicles, and an odd blue box in the distance...