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15 June 2015

28mm Project Review: Her Majesty's Forces

   Just to keep track of what's going on, I worked up a bit of thought on just what I wanted to accomplish for 28mm VSF forces. Thought I would share that with you all, starting with the British.

   The basic idea is to create factions large enough to fight platoon-level games. That is, I want to have at least four units of troops, plus some leaders, support weapons, and vehicles for each faction. Using GASLIGHT as my template rules, that means some 40-50 figures, plus the support weapons (and crews) and vehicles (and crews).

   At any rate, here are the units and odds and ends which I have, mostly completed.

  • Gurkhas (x10)
  • Sikhs (x20)
  • Martian Sepoys (x20)
  • Martian Sepoy Gashant Cavalry (x10)
  • British Line (x20)
  • British Line, Venusian Uniform (x20)
  • British Ensign bearer
  • British Officer (x4)
  • British civilians (x4)
  • British Aerocav (x10)
  • British Airship (Aphid-ish) and crew
  • 9-pdr Gun and RA crew
  • Hale Rocket team, RA crew
  • Gatling Gun and RA crew
  • SWORD Unit (x15)
  • SWORD Artillery (x3, plus crew)
  • SWORD Scout Walkers (x2)
  • Metropolitan Police (x10)
  • Landship

   Note that these units do not include Lord Curr's Incorrigibles, an Adventuring Company with strong British ties, nor the Gentleman's Club for EotD.