What should I work on next?

30 September 2009

Another Zero Month - But Not Dead Yet!

First of all, an announcement of crucial importance:


I am truly beginning to hate this time of year. I am so busy, every night after work and all weekend long, between football with the boys and church commitments...

I haven't done anything but wish I had time for gaming activities. Not a drop of paint has been used. Not a single game played. the closest I have gotten to gaming in the past 30 days is bitching about not having any time to do it with my friends.

As for blogging, well, with no gaming going on, the blogging has slowed down. My small amount of free time has been wasted on Facebook, which is evil. And addictive. Ought to be a controlled substance.

This blog is NOT dead.

I promise it will be revived. My thirteen year old did paint up some of his Eureka frogs he bought from Nic at Historicon (Hi Nic!). I'll try to get a photo or tow of them posted. They are very nicely done, especially considering his relative lack of experience at painting. Honestly, much better than my stuff at the same age. MUCH better.

And I have actually thought about priming some of the Space 1889 High Martians I got at Historicon. Plus, a good buddy locally has been hinting we should paint up the 100 15mm Zulus I have laying about so we can play some TSATF colonials. Gotta get the juices flowing again!

Well, ladies and gents, all for now, but please come back around in a week or so and see if I have made any progress. And if not, let me know about it!