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13 December 2010

Some Spiffing Models

  The following models are sold through the Lead Adventure Forum. I received an email about some new releases in the line a few days ago, but I suppose I had ignored the Forum for a while, because the entire line is new to me. They are in the popular 28mm scale, I believe (possibly even 30mm - not entirely sure, but I think 28mm). Notes for each idea I had seeing the following figures.

 Clyde is cool, but the standout in this paring is Bonnie. She would make a perfect mysterious femme fatale assistant for Doctor Maton. Clyde could be an assasin, I suppose, or a Champion of Good.

   I visualize these fellows as a sort of Constabulary for the Albertport Downstation. Downstations, like any ports, tend to attract hives of scum and villainy. These fellows look prepared to handle any such riff raff.

 Again, this is an unequal pairing. I like the top-hatted gentleman, but the better figure is the fellow with the mechanickal prosthetic arm. Another natural for a Maton minion, perhaps a Fenian?

  The line has other figures as well, but these are the ones that really grabbed my attention. I'll be looking forward with great anticiaption to new releases. I'll also be adding these to my lead pile when the holidays are through. A bit pricey ( I am figuring them to be about $9 per pack, minus shipping), but just excellent niche figures. I'll probably even work up a unit of ten bobbies. Maybe the tophatted gentlemen could be detectives of Scotland Yard, leading the peelers?


Cronickain said...

Love the bonny and clyde. The top hatted guys are some kind of special detective force ran by Sherlock Holmes.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Foundry makes a nice Holmes and Watson... rather pricey, though.

I also like Foundry's Deus Machina flying figure.