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01 February 2015

Artizan Miniatures' Midnight Workshop

   Artizan Miniatures has been rather quietly creating a rather nice little line of Victorian miniatures in 28mm. It is titles "Midnight Workshop." 

   Some are suitable for a straight Victorian tabletop, and others useful for a VSF table. I have captured a few of the images form their website and added them below. At 2.60 GBP each, they aren't exactly cheap, but they look quite nice. I believe I will be ordering some at some point this year, to add to my Metropolitan Police Force if nothing else.

I believe we have seen this fellow before.

Quite a nice paint job on these, as well.

This peeler looks kitted out with an Arc Rifle.
The gasmask makes me think they've got tear gas a bit early?

This is Mr. Wells, one of four armed civilians, members of the
Martian Free State Raiders.


Diplomatist said...

Yes, I almost posted about these myself today. They do look very nice, don't they?

I'm particularly taken by the Martian Free State raiders. I think they culd be very handy.

Mallius Vane said...

Yes. They're lovely! And just about enough to make a couple of IHMN companies now!