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08 September 2013

Lord Curr's Incorrigibles Progress

   I've made a bit of progress on my second Company for In Her Majesty's Name. These are, as you can tell, members of Lord Curr's Incorrigibles. While they have a bad reputation, they are actually quite loyal to Her Majesty. The rest of the Incorrigibles are in the works.

"Mad Mick" McFarlane, a certified mad scientist.

Mad Mick's Arc Generator.

One of the Incorrigibles. A flashy cove, what?

The backside of Sam Warburton.


Ruaridh said...

Good job, that chap. You remind me that I need to get on with my own IHMN figures, although I do not have any of the 'official' sets yet. I am tempted by the Chinese with the Elvis-lookalike Yeti.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I also have the Society of Thule to paint up, and some bobbies from the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter on the way. I need to convert a few to having All Electric Truncheons, though.

Ruaridh said...

Sounds good. I look forward to seeing them.

Anonymous said...

The chap in the dandy waistcoat is actually Gerald Fitz-Curr, Lord Curr's half-brother.
Whereas Ronan was brought up in the Curr Manse in Donegal and sent to the finest schools, Gerald was fostered to the local village Smith. It was a hard childhood, but at every opportunity the two young boys roamed the woods and hills together, hunting, poaching and generally getting into mischief.
When Ronan gained his first commission in the Ulster Dragoons, Gerald joined up as a Private Soldier.
Through a dozen campaigns they fought side by side. Whenever Ronan was transferred he made sure that his half-brother was quietly transferred also. While in the Army they never publically acknowledged their familial ties.
Gerald is much wilder than Ronan. He tends to lead with his fists rather than his head and he has risen to Sergeant three times each time to fall from grace through his drinking, brawling, gambling or all three.
Now Ronan has his own Company, Gerald is there as well. He always has his half-brother's back and would happily give his life for him. Recently he has been enjoying the affections of Lady Felicity who is attracted to his honesty and generosity of spirit.

Just thought you'd like to know :)

Paul O'G said...

Very cool mate - love 'em!