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11 October 2013

The Dead Arise in the Empire...

   Which is to say, I received a package yesterday afternoon. It was covered with curious and arcane labels, "Par Avion," "CN 22 Customs Declaration" and the like. After listening carefully for any ticking sounds, I assigned a trustworthy lad the duty of cutting the tape which sealed the plain brown card box.

   Then we waited. After a sufficient time passed, the boy showed no signs of ill effects from his daring actions. It was therefore determined that the box could most likely have its lid (hinged on one side) lifted, exposing the contents. A well-lit room was selected for this task. The fact that it was an exterior room with minimal load bearing walls was also considered.

   The brave lad was again employed for the vital yet potentially dangerous task. Using a long stick, and prepared to leap behind the hastily raised barrier of sandbags in the opposite corner of the room, our young hero lifted the lid. 

   Still, nothing happened. No monstrous explosion, no loud report, not even a puff of brimstone-scented smoke. Nothing.

   Summoning all of my wits and courage, I removed the sandbag barrier blocking the door to the room and entered the danger zone. The young lad tugged his forelock and withdrew to a respectful distance. Peering inside the opened box, I saw... werewolves! And armed gentlemen. A myriad of weapons, some common, and others fantastical. Uncle Thulu. A group of Sir Robert Peel's constabulary. A clockwork servant, and a steam-powered hound. Ned Kelly, that Irish rogue. Lightning Jack. A pair of boffins with odd guns. A half dozen odd-looking fellows, one who is almost certainly no gentleman, two that smell quite abominably, and one that may once have been human, but is certainly not any longer. An equal number of equally outlandish ladies, including some bestial primitive and a Celestial! And Her Majesty (God Bless Her), toting a Gatling Patent Mk. I Light Portable Multi-Barreled Reciprocating Rifle, more commonly known as a Mini-Gatling. All represented in one inch tall lead statuettes.


[Editor's Note: I got my Kickstarter rewards from West Wind's Empire of the Dead: Requiem project yesterday. 55 25mm miniatures, plus some tokens and additional weapons for conversions. Lots of VSF goodies to keep me quite busy, and I still have the Society of Thule to start and Lord Curr's Incorrigibles to finish for In Her Majesty's Name. Plus that 25mm steam tank. I need to get painting!]

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