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12 November 2007

Port and Cigars all around!

Another first for this journal, we have been electro-statically linked with another 'blog.' Still hate that deuced word, but there it is.

I am proud to announce that one of My favorite co-journalists has thought well enough of my humble efforts here to merit a posting on his journal, which is quite well read. It also has possibly the greatest title going "Yours In a White Wine Sauce."

If you haven't checked it out, good Heavens man, you should do so at once! You may reach it at the following difference engine address: http://pauljamesog.blogspot.com.

This Blogspot neighborhood seems to be quite the fashionable part of town. It's no St James or Regency Park (or even Lincoln Fields), but then, what is?

My thanks again to Paul for helping out with my little project here.


Paul O'G said...

My pleasure old boy - I’m always up for helping like minded chaps!

BTW I have two of those D&D Hammer figs too, so you’ll see some conversions at my place in due course, though don’t hold your breath!


Don M said...

Nice looking place here!
I'll put up a word on
ours at :