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10 November 2007

ASA Scale Comparison

Okay, so here it is... ASAs put against both 15mm and 25mm figures for scale comparison. Obviously, the ASAs are much more terrifying for the 15mm Pathan (Stone Mountain) than the 25mm Tommy (GFI/Minifigs).

The ASAs started life as D&D Minis "Hammerer" prior to a bit of cutting and the addition of a few bits from GW. I can post a series of photos and instructions on this very simple conversion if there's any interest.

To the left: A Pathan chieftain between two towering ASAs (Mk. II on the left, Mk. I on the right).

On the right: Private Jones 3421 of the 24th between two ASAs. The pose is in front of a recently captured French tower (note the tricolour).

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