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21 November 2011

Fortress in the Desert

  For some, the news of a quick and relatively inexpensive method of erecting fortifications in the desert sands of Mars comes as quite a nasty shock.

   "Now any flea-scratching, tuppence-a-dozen Martian warchief can build his own fortress in the sands, throwing defiance into the face of the British Empire and our efforts to civilise this planet," said Captain Harold Bigotton, late of Her Majesty's Army, now attached to Government House here in Victoria's Landing.

The fort in question...

   For others, it is a more fortunate thing.

   "Thank the ancestors! Now, when the kraal come on raids, we shall have a place to defend ourselves from them! It will probably be nice in sandstorm season, too. Much more comfortable than dhurga hide tents," responded Senil Phul, a local nomad elder.

[Editor's Note: The fortress in question is about $40.00 from Amazon.]