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15 November 2007

Not much today, Gents!

To be honest, I have not been diligent in the workload in front of me, Gentlemen. Absolutely no painting got done other than a truly awful flag for some 15/18mm Black Hat Martians which I have already decided is simply rubbish.

I did a bit of work on an Inventor character for my good friend Jim S., who is going to play in a Steampunk GURPS game with my children and I late last night after the memsahib and the progeny had retired.

I also began to dig through a pile of boxes I received over the summer via numerous auctions-by-post. I found many interesting items therein, including some giant dragonflies, a steam-powered ram (the animal, not the siege engine), and a few large steam golems (all MK toys, I think). Just the thing when I eventually purchase some more 25mm riders to mount upon them. Also found no fewer than 5 Mordian Iron Guard Mortar teams, two painted a nice kharkee and three sets unpainted. These will eventually be used by the Kaiserlich Forshcungsanstalt fur Geheimewaffen (KFG), or German Imperial Research Institute for Secret Weapons, the Hunnish answer to Her Majesty's Royal Artillery Field Testing Platoon.

In addition, have been going over supplies and creating shopping lists. The gentlemen at Litko Aerosystems should be receiving an order soon, as I am in dire need of basing materials. I'll probably also be contacting the London War Room for a few trial pieces of Martian cavalrymen. Perhaps the Martian Johnnies will wait for my Christmas list to the memsahib.

Well, that's all for now. Off to the grocer's and a restaurant.

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