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13 September 2017

Millennium Con XX Prep, Part 2: Quadcycle Stats

   I think I have decided upon the minions of Otto Maton to be the fourth faction in my convention game, just because I like these guys so much. I will probably take the gentlemen of the Sapphire Club as well, in case I need to squeeze in a fifth player.

   And I think they need a vehicle. I happen to have one already painted and good to go - the nefarious All Terrain Quadruple Wheeled Lightly Armoured Autocycle (Machine Gun), more commonly called the "Quadcycle" or even simply "Quaddie." 

You've seen this before, no?

So, I need to stat it up for In Her Majesty's Name. Probably best to treat it as a walker, I think, as far as the rules for hit allocation are concerned. This is what I am thinking:

Pluck: 5+ (2 pts)
FV: +1 (1 pt)
SV: +3 (4 pts)
Speed: 9" (2 pts) - based on Bestiary from HVF
Armour: 10 (4 pts)
Weapon: Machine gun (26 pts)
Equipment: Steam Dynamo (10 pts)
Equipment: Lined Coat (Steersman, AV 8) (1 pt)
Equipment: Pistol (Steersman) (3 pts)
Equipment: Breath Preserver (Steersman) (2 pts)

Note: Can not enter Difficult Terrain

What says the collected wisdom?


Elderac said...

Those seem like reasonable stats to me. I think basing it on a walker works well enough.

Make sure you have a spare minion figure so he can jump off the quaddie and run to the boat.

What do you plan to use to represent the mass of scarabs? The DnD miniature line had some lovely swarm figures, one of which was a swarm of scarabs (rot scarab swarm). Each swarm is on a one inch base.

Here is a picture of some on Ebay:



J Womack, Esq. said...

My original idea was to get some cloth covered with a bug print and just pull it over the mat, covering everything as it went. I haven't looked for such a cloth yet though.

Scarab swarm tokens are another idea. Place them along the line of advance. Thanks for the suggestion.