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06 November 2015

Construction Begins

   I picked up two laser-cut MDF buildings from the Gaslamp Alley line at Historicon last summer. One terraced house and one terraced shop. I punched out the terraced house and primed it a couple of weeks ago. Dry-fitting it left me reasonably impressed with the quality of the stuff.

   And then I stalled out.

   But I purchased some lovely brick-red craft paint in two tones yesterday at Hobby Lobby, and a stiff stencil brush. The plan is to paint the lighter tone on each brick, leaving the black lines between bricks as grimy mortar. Then, using the stencil brush, I will stipple in some pattern of the darker tone over each brick. I used the same technique (on a grander scale) when I made sets in high school and college for the theater. It worked pretty well then.

  I also bought some scrapbooking paper to put on the insides as wallpaper and flooring. Might save myself a few minutes of time that way, what? White wooden trim, of course. The door? I was thinking a nice green on the house. Perhaps blue for the shop when I get to it.

   I will take a few photos as I go along, and post them soon-ish.

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