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15 December 2014

Verne's Quarterly and the Aethergraph Approaches!

   For those of you patiently awaiting the next issue of The Aethergraph, good news! It is almost finished - I hope to release it next week!

   Again, this issue is pretty well dedicated to In Her Majesty's Name. But I hope that anyone could find useful information within its pages.

Here's a tiny teaser:

 Maton's Gun Buggy, featured in Verne's Quarterly
(The miniature is from Bob Charette, available through Brigade Games)
(The photo is from their website)


Paul O'G said...

That buggy is REALLY cool, I hadn't seen that before - thanks mate

I'm going to have to get one..maybe two...for my French Foreign Legion troops who are destined to guard the French Martian protectorate

J Womack, Esq. said...

Paul, I think I will be getting one or two after the holidays clear up a bit. I use the masked minions for my human forces in service to the Mechanickal Madman, Herr Doktor Professor Otto Maton. These fit a cavalry role rather nicely.