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19 December 2014

Aethergraph Vol. 3, #3 Now Available

   An issue mostly dedicated to In Her Majesty's Name, but I think, I hope, that any VSF fan can find useful information in it for their own games or settings.

   I'd again like to thank the gentlemen that helped me put it together. Paul, Craig, Charles, and Jim: I couldn't have done it anything like so quickly or so well without your help.

   You can go to the document HERE. I will be adding a link to the sidebar soon for future reference.


PMMDJ said...

Lovely! Nicely done, all.

Paul O'G said...

Huzzah and Hoorah - well done that man!
Delighted to b a part of it old bean :-0

Elderac said...

The figures for the minions are great figures and useful for a variety of units. I have a batch myself.

Great issue with a lot of useful information.


ColKillgore said...

Great issue. The Saurian rules makes want to did out my Lizardmen and get playing.