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31 July 2014

Yet Another Cry for Help!

   I am about one and a half pages shy of finishing the next issue of The Aethergraph.

   I could sure use some help with an article or two. I already have the following features:

  • Clive's Register (Teaser: it's a famous engineer.)
  • Reginald's Regiments
  • Diary of a Texican
  • Verne's Armory
  • plus an Adventuring Company for IHMN

So, the sorts of things that I would love to see would be

  • Short Fiction
  • A new creature or alien race with stats for any game system you like
  • VSF Adventure Hooks
  • House Rules - again, for whatever system you prefer
  • A Battle Report, preferably with photos
  • Artwork
  • Game Reviews (Dystopian Wars? Dystopian Legions? Empire of the Dead?)

So, anything you have - throw it at me!


Elderac said...

About how many words do you need?

J Womack, Esq. said...

Elderac: Thanks for your help. Call it 700-750 words. I can play with font size a bit to help make things fit, or insert an appropriate illustration to fill some column space.

I have a big piece that I lifted from the net, but I am waiting on permission to use it. That will take about 2.5 pages of the 3.5 or so that I need.

Elderac said...

I would like to communicate more directly about a submission, but cannot find your e-mail address on your page. Please e-mail me at Elderac@hotmail.com.

Paul O'G said...

You can use my Armoured Naval Landing Party IHMN Company if you wish:


J Womack, Esq. said...

Elderac: Email sent. But just in case anyone else needs it, it is Aethergraph at GMail.com

Paul: I responded by email. Just in case, I shall respond here as well. I already have one Adventuring Company in this issue and not enough room to do justice to a second. But I will use them in the next issue, which I think shall be IHMN themed.