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13 July 2014

Having Returned from the Wilderness...

...and recovered (somewhat) from his travels, Our Hero returns a bit refreshed and ready to do some serious work.

   The trip went well. Weymouth, Cardiff and Windsor were all brilliant. Paris was nice enough, but I've seen what I wanted to see.

   Speaking of which, I went to the Musee d'Armee at Les Invalides whilst in Paris and took several photostatic images of French uniforms. They aren't terribly good images, I am afraid, as everything was behind glass, it seemed. However, it should give your Dear Editor something with which to work when he ventures into Froggy painting. Most of the images below are of various colonial troop uniforms.


Phil said...

Very nice post, thanks for sharing!

Paul O'G said...

Welcome back!

I took a similar range of photos at the fantastic Musee d'Armee with the same outcomes. However, they were good enough to paint figures by and I knew the colours were right so the end justifies the means :-)