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12 July 2013

An interesting 15mm Shield Gunner "how to" conversion

   One of the cooler troop types for Martians in the Space: 1889 universe is the Oenotrian Shield Gunner. I have a unit of ten in 28mm that I am slowly getting painted, but there are none available in 15mm.

RAFM Miniatures' Martian Shield Gunners
(Sadly, not mine.)

   Until now.

   Major General Clive G. has come up with a simple and good-looking conversion of Black Hat Miniature's Imperial Guard Halberdier, which he has kindly posted on his own blog. I shan't steal his thunder, so if you would simply follow this link, you can see what he did.


Ruaridh said...

Thanks for pointing that blog post out. Now I can add shieldgunners to my army easily and with not too much effort. You know, I really should get round to painting the rest of it ...

Clive G said...

You're a gentleman, sir!

All I need to do now is paint mine :-(

DLI said...

Splendid looking chaps Sir.

J Womack, Esq. said...

DLI: None of those are mine. I am almost done with the first five of my own 25mm shield gunners. I just grabbed a photo off the internet to illustrate the troops.