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13 June 2012

French Cuirassier Mechanique

  From Agent Skrapwelder, we have received this item: a French mechanickal walker! Apparently, napoleon III has decided to get involved in mechanickal warfare, probably at the urging of his Minister of Science, Jules Verne. Better late than never, and an excellent first piece.

   As you can clearly see, this two-legged, steam-driven device is fitted with a heavy armour glacis plate, and armed with a Gatling-style machine gun and a spar torpedo underneath. The open cockpit provides the cuirassier piloting it with excellent visibility, while still able to duck behind the thick glacis for protection. The device on the shield is from His Imperial Majesty's coat of arms.

[Editor's Notes: This was converted from a GW Sentinel by Skrapwelder. I purchased it from him about two months ago, and repainted the shield to my taste. The rest of the work, minus a few paint touchups here and there, is all his. It is the first piece of 28mm VSF I have for the French.]

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